Bloody Awful

By Iseeeverymovie
Written January 29, 2011
I simply cannot believe that 93% of the top critics on Rotten Tomatoes love this movie. It is unrelentingly dreary and psychologically disturbing. The so called 'Happy Couple" are so utterly disconnected from any emotional reality that they are the flip side of their friends who are alternatively numbingly depressed, hysterically manic, or poisonously polluted by drink and food. I am beginning to think that critics have forgotten what good movies are. Either that or they do no like movies but only FILM. This is a FILM. Heed my warning: this is neither "Secrets and Lies" nor "Topsy-Turvy". This is, to coin an era-relative phrase, a bummer. The entirely "adult" audience was groaning and fidgeting and we saw it in an intellectually advanced town. Save your money. ISEEEVERYMOVIE
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Another Year

By celia944
Written January 08, 2011
Sometimes brilliant and moving (especially the acting). Sometimes boring with overlong scenes. Not sorry I saw it primarily because of Jim Broadbent & Ruth Sheen.
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Another Winner from Mike Leigh

By dminnihan
Written December 30, 2010
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If you like Mike Leigh's work

By Jasondd1025
Written January 04, 2011
You'll love "Another Year." His observational take on middle-class, middle-age British life is a lot of fun and shockingly funny in parts. There is subversive fun as Leigh pokes at the smug marrieds even as he shows the sad and lonely lives of the past-their prime singletons. And the performances are a real treat.
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Another Year...Top Ten in Any Year

By gasparm
Written January 30, 2011
This is a film not unlike Blue Valentine, where every emotion being expressed on the screen is felt by the audience. The material is highly melodramatic, but realer and truer than any reality show or documentary. The performances are uniformly excellent, with a stand-out, memorable performance by Lesley Manville. Two of the biggest slights by the Oscar nominators this year were the elimation of both Ryan Gosling for Blue Valentine(how could Michelle Williams get a nomination but not him...basically a two character film) and Lesley Manville who should have replaced Nicole Kidman. Her performance is so real and hits every nerve in the viewers psyche that you come away with feelings of either pathos or utter hate for her character. Brillant!
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