Another Earth review

By dvuyxx
Written March 03, 2012
This film is terribly underrated. I was impressed with its artistic qualities, and unadulterated acting and storyline. No cheap gimmicks. Brit Marling and Mapother create both believable and deep characters.
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My Take

By el_que_critica
Written December 26, 2011
Great concept and idea but for me an ok execution. I just felt after it was finished that they could have done so much more with this movie. Its all about perception with this one and what the director was wanting to present. While I did enjoy the film and the story I was left with wanting a little more sci-fi; this focuses more on character development and their relation to one another towards the discovery of the second planet. (Meloncholia would be its cousin movie to watch)
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Do you have a twin ,close by in the Universe?

By ric2012
Written August 06, 2011
This is a good, thought you knew what it's about ,type movie .You will either Love it or Hate it.Either way ,Go See It!!!!!!!
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Another Earth review

By charper312
Written August 13, 2011
Riveting! One of the best films of substance for the year.
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Great sci-fi story

By BohemianStrategy
Written August 07, 2011
This movie reminded me of The Moon movie in the way the story was told. It worked well. I left wanting to know more, but there definitely was an ending.My only complaint is about the light source. The only source of light in this solar system is our Sun. You. can't have a sunrise on the left and then show the right half of the planet in the sky. No one said there was a second Sun there too.
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