Review of Anonymous

By RichardAgemo
Written December 16, 2014
Set in 16th century London, Anonymous is visually stunning, and worth seeing for that reason alone. I give it 3 stars. The movie revolves around the tumultuous events taking place at the end of Elizabeth I’s reign, incorporating a Shakespeare (who is the earl of Oxford) storyline. Such an approach is an enormous challenge due to the sheer volume of plot elements the story requires. The movie manages to pull it off. However, I wish it would have gotten more about what we know about the earl of Oxford right. For my complete review, go to: ***
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Fictional Fun, Historical Horror

By LondonGirl92
Written October 29, 2011
Visual feast for the eyes - lovely job in the graphics department. And Rhys Ifans - great acting. As for everything else: Rafe Spall reduced Shakespeare down to Pauly Shore in costume. Regardless of where you come down on the author debate, he did not deserve to be portrayed as a boob. Vanessa Redgrave, who is so talented so it pains me to say this, portrayed the multilingual, politically savvy Elizabeth as no more intelligent than a fourteen year old valley girl (and a slutty one). Cecil comes across as a twisted old man instead of the astute head of a brilliant spy ring and his son amounts to a cretin. The movie plays like a love letter to the Earl of Oxford who, according to this movie, was the only intelligent being among a sea of idiots (which historically can be proven to be complete rubbish). But if you look at this movie as pure fiction, you can relax into a fun costume drama. Pity though, this movie could have been so much better than a forgettable bit of tripe.
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Anonymous: B

By MattH306
Written November 01, 2011
Enjoyed the movie as pure fiction.
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The acting is great, the cinematography is great, the idea is compelling - so what happened?

By Bluebell123
Written October 31, 2011
They could have done much more with this, but mature film fans should see it. I'm a film fan but not knowledgable in the intracies of filmmaking. However, after years of watching the Oscars and seeing people win Best in the field of Film Editing, why do I think the problem is with the editing? Now I finally realize what editing means. The whole movie takes place in Elizabethan times, but there are flashbacks within Elizabethan times. The only time I know we're in the later years is when Queen Elizabeth is old, and the younger years when Queen Elizabeth is young. The rest of the characters are confusing. It took till the middle of this too-long film for me to realize that one of the main older male characters was the same young guy I just saw on the screen 10 minutes ago. The thing that kept me in my seat is that it's such an interesting and important mystery and the film makes you yearn to know more about it. Costume and set design are perfect.
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Words will Prevail!

By CedarvisionPro
Written November 01, 2011
I went and saw this film on Sunday and I must say I was very impressed. A good old fashion conspiracy film, filled with drama, lies, betrayals, and romance that only Will Shakespeare could write about. With undertones of a Greek Tragedy or one of Shakespeare's own Romantic Tragedies, Emmerich's Anonymous hooked me from the moment it began. The cast of Anonymous were all amazing. From Vanessa Redgrave's beautifully heartbreaking performance as Queen Elizabeth, to Jamie Campbell Bower's seductive performance as the young Earl of Oxford, the cast brought these characters to life with great ease. Emmerich, though many people may judge him for his previous lackluster films, Anonymous is one of his best films. Unlike his other movies, Anonymous was all about the story and the characters. The non linear storytelling kept the audience intrigued and wanting to uncover the conspiracy and expose the secrets that seem to have spread across England. All in all a great film.
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