Anonymous (2011) Synopsis
An ordinary actor named William Shakespeare gets the credit for the work of another man.
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Review of Anonymous

By RichardAgemo
Set in 16th century London, Anonymous is visually stunning, and worth seeing for that reason alone. I give it 3 stars. The movie revolves around the tumultuous events taking place at the end of...

Fictional Fun, Historical Horror

By LondonGirl92
Visual feast for the eyes - lovely job in the graphics department. And Rhys Ifans - great acting. As for everything else: Rafe Spall reduced Shakespeare down to Pauly Shore in costume. Regardless...

Anonymous: B

By MattH306
Enjoyed the movie as pure fiction....

The acting is great, the cinematography is great, the idea is compelling - so what happened?

By Bluebell123
They could have done much more with this, but mature film fans should see it. I'm a film fan but not knowledgable in the intracies of filmmaking. However, after years of watching the Oscars and...

Words will Prevail!

By CedarvisionPro
I went and saw this film on Sunday and I must say I was very impressed. A good old fashion conspiracy film, filled with drama, lies, betrayals, and romance that only Will Shakespeare could write...

Hard to follow

By Jackandson1
Well directed, but it jumped back and forth in time, which made it hard to follow. Not for children. It is useful to learn a bit about the Essex Rebellion or England in Shakespeare's time before...

Interesting and Entertaining Take on the Shakespeare Authorship Question

By blmcole
I'm not a Shakespeare scholar and so probably enjoyed the movie more than those who could see all the holes in this screenwriter's theory and make arguments. For pure entertainment value, I thought...

Annymous...... b

By Arianna721
First the idea was interesting.. but the movie was jumping around so much .... tooo fast.... and hard to keep up to know what was going on. it was a bit DARK grey movie....

A must for Shakespeare fans.

By ArtieW
This is an intresting view on Shakespeare and his role as a great writer. If your a fan of Shakespeare you must see this movie. Those not into Shakespeare might think of this movie as alright and/or...

Pretty and Charmless

By drewbach
I'm a sucker for period pieces, even ones that play as fast and loose with facts as this one, but "Anonymous" lacks any of the wit, self-awareness, or remotely likable characters that would make its...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Violence and Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Uneven drama questions Shakespeare's identity.
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