Ann Travolta

Worked With

Year Name Title
2001 Sam Shepard Swordfish
2001 Hugh Jackman Swordfish
2001 John Travolta Swordfish
2001 Halle Berry Swordfish
2001 Don Cheadle Swordfish
1992 Bill Erwin The Magic Bubble
1992 George Clooney The Magic Bubble
1992 Wallace Shawn The Magic Bubble
1985 David Paymer Perfect
1985 John Travolta Perfect
1985 Laraine Newman Perfect
1985 Jamie Lee Curtis Perfect
1985 Marilu Henner Perfect
1983 Charles Durning Two of a Kind
1983 Ernie Hudson Two of a Kind
1983 Robert Costanzo Two of a Kind
1983 Kathy Bates Two of a Kind
1983 Scatman Crothers Two of a Kind
1983 Oliver Reed Two of a Kind
1983 John Travolta Two of a Kind
1983 Beatrice Straight Two of a Kind
1983 Olivia Newton-John Two of a Kind
1983 Gene Hackman Two of a Kind
1980 Debra Winger Urban Cowboy
1980 John Travolta Urban Cowboy
1980 Barry Corbin Urban Cowboy
1980 Scott Glenn Urban Cowboy
1977 Robert Costanzo Saturday Night Fever
1977 Julie Bovasso Saturday Night Fever
1977 John Travolta Saturday Night Fever
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