Ann Pennington
Date of Birth
Dec 23, 1893
Birth Place:
Wilmington, DE

Worked With

Year Name Title
1942 Gene Tierney China Girl
1942 Robert Blake China Girl
1942 George Montgomery China Girl
1942 Sig Rumann China Girl
1942 Lynn Bari China Girl
1942 Myron McCormick China Girl
1942 Victor McLaglen China Girl
1941 Edward Arnold Unholy Partners
1941 Frank Faylen Unholy Partners
1941 Al Hill Unholy Partners
1941 Charles Jordan Unholy Partners
1941 Marsha Hunt Unholy Partners
1941 Charles Dingle Unholy Partners
1941 Don Beddoe Unholy Partners
1941 Edward G. Robinson Unholy Partners
1941 William Benedict Unholy Partners
1941 Laraine Day Unholy Partners
1941 Marcel Dalio Unholy Partners
1940 Al St. John Texas Terrors
1940 William H. Ruhl Texas Terrors
1940 Hal Taliaferro Texas Terrors
1940 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Texas Terrors
1940 Jack Kirk Texas Terrors
1940 Reed Howes Texas Terrors
1940 Ruth Robinson Texas Terrors
1940 Don "Red" Barry Texas Terrors
1936 William Demarest The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Virginia Bruce The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Ray Bolger The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Fanny Brice The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Billie Burke The Great Ziegfeld
1936 John Larkin The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Phil Tead The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Grace Hayle The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Leon Errol The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Herman Bing The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Myrna Loy The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Dennis Morgan The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Raymond Walburn The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Eric Wilton The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Frank Morgan The Great Ziegfeld
1936 William Powell The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Luise Rainer The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Reginald Owen The Great Ziegfeld
1936 Nat Pendleton The Great Ziegfeld
1930 Walter Catlett Happy Days
1930 Edmund Lowe Happy Days
1930 Warner Baxter Happy Days
1930 Victor McLaglen Happy Days
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Happy Days
1930 Janet Gaynor Happy Days
1930 Will Rogers Happy Days
1930 George Jessel Happy Days
1930 Stuart Erwin Happy Days
1930 Betty Grable Happy Days
1930 Charles Farrell Happy Days
1929 Julia Swayne Gordon Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Armand Kaliz Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Lilyan Tashman Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Louise Beavers Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Julia Swayne Gordon Is Everybody Happy?
1929 Purnell Pratt Is Everybody Happy?
1929 Fanny Brice Night Club
1929 Charles Sullivan Night Parade
1929 Lee Shumway Night Parade
1929 Dorothy Revier Tanned Legs
1929 Grady Sutton Tanned Legs
1929 Arthur Lake Tanned Legs
1925 Adolphe Menjou A Kiss in the Dark
1925 John Farrell MacDonald The Lucky Horseshoe
1925 Billie Dove The Lucky Horseshoe
1925 Tom Mix The Lucky Horseshoe
1925 Gary Cooper The Lucky Horseshoe
1925 Lilyan Tashman Pretty Ladies
1925 Tom Moore Pretty Ladies
1925 Myrna Loy Pretty Ladies
1925 Norma Shearer Pretty Ladies
1925 Joan Crawford Pretty Ladies
1925 ZaSu Pitts Pretty Ladies
1925 Conrad Nagel Pretty Ladies
1924 Lilyan Tashman Manhandled
1924 Gloria Swanson Manhandled
1924 Tom Moore Manhandled
1924 Frank Morgan Manhandled
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