Annie Korzen

Worked With

Year Name Title
1995 Caroline Aaron Mad About You: Two Tickets to Paradise
1992 Anita Morris A Different World: White Christmas
1990 Robert Vaughn Nobody's Perfect
1987 Jay O. Sanders The Misfit Brigade
1987 Bruce Davison The Misfit Brigade
1987 David Carradine The Misfit Brigade
1987 Oliver Reed The Misfit Brigade
1982 Martin Landau Alone in the Dark
1982 Jack Palance Alone in the Dark
1982 Donald Pleasence Alone in the Dark
1982 Bill Murray Tootsie
1982 Dustin Hoffman Tootsie
1982 Dabney Coleman Tootsie
1982 Lynne Thigpen Tootsie
1982 Geena Davis Tootsie
1982 Sydney Pollack Tootsie
1982 Charles Durning Tootsie
1982 Teri Garr Tootsie
1982 Estelle Getty Tootsie
1982 George Gaynes Tootsie
1982 Christine Ebersole Tootsie
1982 Lynn Stalmaster Tootsie
1982 Jessica Lange Tootsie
1980 Louise Lasser Stardust Memories
1980 Tony Roberts Stardust Memories
1980 Jessica Harper Stardust Memories
1980 Marie-Christine Barrault Stardust Memories
1980 Sharon Stone Stardust Memories
1980 Daniel Stern Stardust Memories
1980 Woody Allen Stardust Memories
1980 Charlotte Rampling Stardust Memories
1980 Jack Rollins Stardust Memories
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