Anna May Wong
Date of Birth
Jan 03, 1905
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1960 Bruce Seton Just Joe
1960 Anthony Quinn Portrait in Black
1960 Lana Turner Portrait in Black
1960 Ray Walston Portrait in Black
1960 Richard Basehart Portrait in Black
1960 Sandra Dee Portrait in Black
1960 Lloyd Nolan Portrait in Black
1959 Peter O'Toole The Savage Innocents
1959 Anthony Quinn The Savage Innocents
1949 Robert Warwick Impact
1949 Clarence Kolb Impact
1949 Ben Welden Impact
1949 Will Wright Impact
1949 Helen Walker Impact
1949 Ruth Robinson Impact
1949 Mae Marsh Impact
1949 William H. Ruhl Impact
1949 Charles Coburn Impact
1949 Brian Donlevy Impact
1943 Mae Clarke Lady from Chungking
1943 Harold Huber Lady from Chungking
1943 Ludwig Donath Lady from Chungking
1942 Richard Loo Bombs Over Burma
1942 Frank Lackteen Bombs Over Burma
1941 Margaret Lindsay Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Mantan Moreland Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Tom Dugan Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Ralph Bellamy Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Charles Grapewin Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Eduardo Ciannelli Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1941 Ann Doran Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery
1939 Ernest Truex Island of Lost Men
1939 J. Carrol Naish Island of Lost Men
1939 Eric Blore Island of Lost Men
1939 Richard Loo Island of Lost Men
1939 Broderick Crawford Island of Lost Men
1939 Bruce Mitchell Island of Lost Men
1939 Anthony Quinn Island of Lost Men
1939 Anthony Quinn King of Chinatown
1939 Pat West King of Chinatown
1939 Roscoe Karns King of Chinatown
1939 George Magrill King of Chinatown
1939 Archie Twitchell King of Chinatown
1939 Eddie Marr King of Chinatown
1939 J. Carrol Naish King of Chinatown
1939 Sidney Toler King of Chinatown
1939 Akim Tamiroff King of Chinatown
1938 Eddie Marr Dangerous to Know
1938 Akim Tamiroff Dangerous to Know
1938 Ellen Drew Dangerous to Know
1938 Lloyd Nolan Dangerous to Know
1938 Anthony Quinn Dangerous to Know
1938 John Hart Dangerous to Know
1938 Gail Patrick Dangerous to Know
1938 Roscoe Karns Dangerous to Know
1938 Hedda Hopper Dangerous to Know
1938 Porter Hall Dangerous to Know
1938 Evelyn Keyes Dangerous to Know
1938 Carole Landis When Were You Born?
1938 Lola Lane When Were You Born?
1938 James Stephenson When Were You Born?
1938 Frank Jaquet When Were You Born?
1938 Margaret Lindsay When Were You Born?
1937 Evelyn Brent Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Larry "Buster" Crabbe Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Cecil Cunningham Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Paul Fix Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Charles Bickford Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Mae Busch Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Archie Twitchell Daughter of Shanghai
1937 John Hart Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Anthony Quinn Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Lee Shumway Daughter of Shanghai
1937 Fred Kohler Daughter of Shanghai
1937 J. Carrol Naish Daughter of Shanghai
1935 Ralph Richardson Java Head
1935 Edmund Gwenn Java Head
1934 Fritz Kortner Chu Chin Chow
1934 Lawrence Hanray Chu Chin Chow
1934 Gibb McLaughlin Chu Chin Chow
1934 Francis L. Sullivan Chu Chin Chow
1934 Dennis Hoey Chu Chin Chow
1934 Billy Bevan Limehouse Blues
1934 Eric Blore Limehouse Blues
1934 Colin Kenny Limehouse Blues
1934 Montagu Love Limehouse Blues
1934 Wyndham Standing Limehouse Blues
1934 Ann Sheridan Limehouse Blues
1934 George Raft Limehouse Blues
1934 Colin Tapley Limehouse Blues
1934 Jean Parker Limehouse Blues
1934 Eily Malyon Limehouse Blues
1934 Kent Taylor Limehouse Blues
1933 Reginald Owen A Study in Scarlet
1933 Alan Mowbray A Study in Scarlet
1933 Billy Bevan A Study in Scarlet
1933 Wyndham Standing A Study in Scarlet
1933 Wally Patch Tiger Bay
1932 Gustav von Seyffertitz Shanghai Express
1932 Clive Brook Shanghai Express
1932 Marlene Dietrich Shanghai Express
1932 Eugene Pallette Shanghai Express
1932 Warner Oland Shanghai Express
1931 Warner Oland Daughter of the Dragon
1931 Bramwell Fletcher Daughter of the Dragon
1931 Sessue Hayakawa Daughter of the Dragon
1930 Francis Lederer Hai-Tang
1929 Ray Milland Piccadilly
1929 Charles Laughton Piccadilly
1928 Joan Crawford Across to Singapore
1928 Ramon Novarro Across to Singapore
1928 Ernest Torrence Across to Singapore
1928 Fred Kohler Chinatown Charlie
1928 Johnny Hines Chinatown Charlie
1928 Myrna Loy The Crimson City
1928 Leila Hyams The Crimson City
1927 George "Slim" Summerville Chinese Parrot
1927 Florence Turner Chinese Parrot
1927 Edgar Kennedy Chinese Parrot
1927 Hobart Bosworth Chinese Parrot
1927 Louise Dresser Mr. Wu
1927 Lon Chaney Mr. Wu
1927 Josef Swickard Old San Francisco
1927 Warner Oland Old San Francisco
1927 Tom Santschi Old San Francisco
1927 Dolores Costello Old San Francisco
1927 Angelo Rossitto Old San Francisco
1926 Lew Meehan The Desert's Toll
1926 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Desert's Toll
1926 Tom Santschi The Desert's Toll
1926 John Farrell MacDonald Trip to Chinatown
1926 Charles Farrell Trip to Chinatown
1925 Theodore Roberts Forty Winks
1925 Viola Dana Forty Winks
1925 Raymond Griffith Forty Winks
1925 Ronald Colman His Supreme Moment
1925 Ned Sparks His Supreme Moment
1925 Blanche Sweet His Supreme Moment
1924 Estelle Taylor The Alaskan
1924 John St. Polis The Alaskan
1924 Thomas Meighan The Alaskan
1924 Frank Lackteen The Fortieth Door
1924 Esther Ralston Peter Pan
1924 Mary Brian Peter Pan
1924 Ernest Torrence Peter Pan
1924 Betty Bronson Peter Pan
1924 Douglas Fairbanks The Thief of Bagdad
1923 Wallace Beery Drifting
1923 Matt Moore Drifting
1923 Bryant Washburn Mary of the Movies
1923 ZaSu Pitts Mary of the Movies
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Thundering Dawn
1923 Tom Santschi Thundering Dawn
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Thundering Dawn
1921 Lon Chaney Bits of Life
1921 Dorothy Mackaill Bits of Life
1921 Noah Beery, Sr. Bits of Life
1921 Wesley Barry Bits of Life
1921 Rosemary Theby Shame
1921 George Siegmann Shame
1921 John Gilbert Shame
1920 Wesley Barry Dinty
1920 Noah Beery, Sr. Dinty
1920 Pat O'Malley Dinty
1920 Colleen Moore Dinty
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