Anna Little
Date of Birth
Feb 07, 1890
Birth Place:
Sisson, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1923 Fred Thomson The Eagle's Talons
1923 George Magrill The Eagle's Talons
1920 Guy Oliver Excuse My Dust
1920 Wallace Reid Excuse My Dust
1920 Theodore Roberts Excuse My Dust
1920 Tully Marshall Excuse My Dust
1919 Guy Oliver Alias Mike Moran
1919 Billy Elmer Alias Mike Moran
1919 Wallace Reid Alias Mike Moran
1919 Theodore Roberts The Roaring Road
1919 Wallace Reid The Roaring Road
1919 Guy Oliver The Roaring Road
1918 James Cruze Believe Me, Xantippe
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. Believe Me, Xantippe
1918 Wallace Reid Believe Me, Xantippe
1918 Wallace Reid Firefly of France
1918 Billy Elmer Firefly of France
1918 Raymond Hatton Firefly of France
1918 Wallace Reid House of Silence
1918 James Cruze Less Than Kin
1918 Wallace Reid Less Than Kin
1918 Guy Oliver Less Than Kin
1918 Raymond Hatton Less Than Kin
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. Less Than Kin
1918 Gustav von Seyffertitz Less Than Kin
1918 Wallace Reid Man from Funeral Range
1918 Tully Marshall Man from Funeral Range
1918 Guy Oliver Rimrock Jones
1918 Wallace Reid Rimrock Jones
1918 Gustav von Seyffertitz Rimrock Jones
1918 James Cruze Source
1918 Raymond Hatton Source
1918 Theodore Roberts Source
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. Source
1918 Wallace Reid Source
1918 Theodore Roberts The Squaw Man
1918 Monte Blue The Squaw Man
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. The Squaw Man
1918 Thurston Hall The Squaw Man
1918 Elliott Dexter The Squaw Man
1918 Guy Oliver The Squaw Man
1918 Tully Marshall The Squaw Man
1918 Jack Holt The Squaw Man
1917 Guy Oliver Nan of Music Mountain
1917 Raymond Hatton Nan of Music Mountain
1917 Wallace Reid Nan of Music Mountain
1917 James Cruze Nan of Music Mountain
1917 Theodore Roberts Nan of Music Mountain
1916 Frank Borzage Immediate Lee
1916 Jack Richardson Immediate Lee
1915 Herbert Rawlinson The Black Box [Serial]
1915 Frank Lloyd The Black Box [Serial]
1914 William Desmond Taylor Battle of Gettysburg
1914 Frank Borzage Battle of Gettysburg
1914 Herbert Rawlinson Damon and Pythias
1914 Frank Lloyd Damon and Pythias
1914 Herbert Rawlinson The Opened Shutters
1914 Frank Lloyd The Opened Shutters
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