Absolutely Awful!

By Fern123
Written September 23, 2014
This movie was so ridiculously awful that is was almost comical. We would have walked out if we didn’t have to make everyone in our row get up.
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Too much surrealism.

By doclewk
Written October 01, 2014
I liked some of the acting, and the dialog was very good. But the surrealism I found distracting to the story. The music, costumes and cinematography were phenomenal, though.
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Anna Kareniina - Not Enough of a Movie

By bwayopera_buff
Written October 21, 2014
While Anna Karenina was visually stunning, the entire movie seemed disjointed. Keira Knightley and the rest of the cast performed beautifully, but I think the filmakers made a big mistake in making this movie only 2 1/2 hours long. The Leo Tolstoy book is over 800 pages and it seems like a lot was left out that would have developed the characters better and made the plot less confusing.
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Good, if there was hype, would not live up to it

By Claire.m.northam
Written December 02, 2012
Good movie. It was interesting to see Joe Wright's interpretation of the story. The way they did the party scenes was not what I expected, but AWESOME. At the beginning I thought, "I hope this isn't how the entire movie is," but I left feeling like I had just witnessed some creative genius. A little disappointed with the sex scene because I went in expecting something akin to Atonement's. If you're into costume and set design, it's definitely worth going just for that — it was beautiful! My boyfriend and I loved it, but we think others probably will not feel the same way. Not necessarily a "must-see", but if you have the time and means I believe it's not to be counted as "missable".
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Artistic production leaves one wanting........

By pitchhiker
Written September 22, 2014
Anna was a daring artistic mixture of stage play and reality, but the production was lost on me. What could have been an extraordinary motion picture left me cold with only the fine performance of the main actors to save it. My Bet? It will either go down as an artistic masterpiece or a colossal flop. The movie going public will decide. Pitchhiker, Sarasota FL
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