Here's what they don't tell you: this is a musical!

By review_central
Written August 24, 2016
The big surprise: from the opening curtain – and there is literally an opening curtain – most of this story in enacted inside a theater, where hand painted scenery is pushed around, curtains are raised and lowered, and chandeliers drop from the ceiling just in time for the fancy drawing room scene. There are dancers, chorus lines, and quick-change artists who tear off their government uniforms to reveal they are waiters (!) and proceed to serve dinner. The action – horse races, sleigh rides, big dance numbers, and our lead characters' adultery – are enacted on a theatrical stage in the phoniest, most clumsily contrived manner possible. About 3/4 of this film seems to have no other purpose than to ridicule Tolstoy. Jude Law is strangely out of place because out of the entire cast he somehow manages to act, competently and with real dignity.
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Absolutely Awful!

By Fern123
Written July 29, 2016
This movie was so ridiculously awful that is was almost comical. We would have walked out if we didn’t have to make everyone in our row get up.
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GOOD movie, BAD projection

By cinesurfer22
Written June 28, 2016
This fine visual spectacle was RUINED by a mis-aligned projection lens on one projector at the Consolidated KAHALA 8 theaters, which is the only theater showing this movie. The whole left side of the screen was defocused every other reel. If you're looking to see this movie DON'T see it at this theater and if you do, complain to the manager and ask for your money back. Its really too bad, I enjoyed this movie except for the poor projection.
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Anna Karenina

Written October 22, 2016
Movie is very artsy changing between the stage and reality. That proves a bit confusing at first. It is beautifully filmed, but the chemistry between Anna and the Count is flat. Jude Law is excellent as the long suffering husband.
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Absolutely Breathtaking!

By cmacooks
Written December 08, 2016
My mother and I went to see this film.. What a wonderful experience to be able to see such a beautiful piece together. The scenery, the costumes, the staging; all were magnificent, to say the least. Keira Knightly is just gorgeous, and her portrayal of Anna was perfect. Jude Law was outstading as the controlling husband, cuckolded, then becoming vindictive. There was a bit of poetic licence with regard to the Count's role, but I don't think Tolstoy would have minded the slight tweak. Accurate, however, were the references to the class differences of the time. All in all, Anna Karenina was the type of film I adore; an escape from the every day.
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