Beautifully engaging

By MedRed
Written August 04, 2015
Anna Karenina takes place in some of the most lavish and detailed settings to grace the big screen. This movie is a feast for the eyes. The scene transitions happen as if on a stage in a theater. The actual story is close to 70% of the novel's content. It does deviate in some places mostly through omission of details as opposed to rewriting the story. The acting is top shelf and the story is well paced. For Tolstoy purists, you may be left wanting more. For someone that wants to see an engaging tragedy based on one of the greatest novels ever written, you won't be disappointed.
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Enjoyable and fun but far from the novel

By oksanah
Written September 05, 2015
It is of course impossible to transform the whole book on to the screen of a movie theater but I thought a better job could have been accomplished. A lot of important parts have been ommited and unimportant were displayed. In L. Tolstoy's life religion played a very important role and in his book one is able to follow authors questions and thoughts about the purpose and meaning of life which were bearly touched upon in the movie. Will this movie satisfy and entertain the American audience? yes, but does it convey the ideas that the author was trying to accomplish in his novel? no. On the other hand, well picked actors that have done a marvelous job, a good music selection and background scenes.
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Beautiful vision

By pennylane67
Written March 06, 2015
Anna Karenina is enchanting. Part film, part play...fantastic. The performances were stirring. Keira Knightly plays Anna in such a moving yet subtle peformance. Aaron Johnson was amazing. His eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. Such chemistry between Aaron and Keira. When Count Vronsky first appears on screen he took my breath away, literally.
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By ehmoviefan
Written December 01, 2015
LOVED everything about this film, I am hoping it wins many awards next year. Kiera is beautiful and I am sure I will view this film again. Costumes, sets, casting, all right on the money and kudo's to all involved. An amazing experience that will thrill anyone who love period pieces and great literature.
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Tolstoy slaughtered by High School film class ....

By kcbk
Written January 04, 2016
Trying to be artistic, this film is just weird. Staged like a Mary Poppins musical but no one sings. Several in our audience just got up and left. I heard a few snores. Costumes were nice. Especially hats. Can't believe this film actually got made. Leo might be laughing from the grave---or crying. Watch grass grow -- cheaper entertainment.
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