Anita Louise
Date of Birth
Jan 09, 1915
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1952 Richard Carlson Retreat, Hell!
1952 Lamont Johnson Retreat, Hell!
1952 Frank Lovejoy Retreat, Hell!
1952 Russ Tamblyn Retreat, Hell!
1947 Arthur Lake Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Hans Conried Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Jerome Cowan Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Larry Simms Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Robert Stevens Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Penny Singleton Blondie's Big Moment
1947 Terry Kilburn Bulldog Drummond at Bay
1946 Lloyd Corrigan The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Ian Wolfe The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Ferdinand Munier The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Gene Roth The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Cornel Wilde The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Ross Hunter The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Ray Teal The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Philip Van Zandt The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 George Macready The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Henry Daniell The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Edgar Buchanan The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Dick Curtis The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
1946 Edward Earle The Devil's Mask
1946 Ludwig Donath The Devil's Mask
1946 Paul Maxey Personality Kid
1946 Oscar O'Shea Personality Kid
1946 Barbara Brown Personality Kid
1946 Terry Moore Shadowed
1946 Lloyd Corrigan Shadowed
1945 Edgar Buchanan The Fighting Guardsman
1945 George Macready The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Elizabeth Risdon The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Janis Carter The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Lloyd Corrigan The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Ian Wolfe The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Ray Teal The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Ian Wolfe Love Letters
1945 Gladys Cooper Love Letters
1945 Joseph Cotten Love Letters
1945 Jennifer Jones Love Letters
1945 Mary Field Love Letters
1945 Reginald Denny Love Letters
1945 Ottola Nesmith Love Letters
1945 Cecil Kellaway Love Letters
1945 Gig Young Love Letters
1944 Frank Morgan Casanova Brown
1944 Teresa Wright Casanova Brown
1944 Ottola Nesmith Casanova Brown
1944 Frances Morris Casanova Brown
1944 Grady Sutton Casanova Brown
1944 Phil Tead Casanova Brown
1944 Isabel Withers Casanova Brown
1944 Harry "Snub" Pollard Casanova Brown
1944 Isobel Elsom Casanova Brown
1944 Gary Cooper Casanova Brown
1944 Evelyn Keyes Nine Girls
1944 Nina Foch Nine Girls
1944 Grady Sutton Nine Girls
1944 Jeff Donnell Nine Girls
1944 Marcia Mae Jones Nine Girls
1944 Ann Harding Nine Girls
1944 Shelley Winters Nine Girls
1944 William Demarest Nine Girls
1943 William Demarest Dangerous Blondes
1943 John Hubbard Dangerous Blondes
1943 Dwight Frye Dangerous Blondes
1943 Bess Flowers Dangerous Blondes
1943 Allyn Joslyn Dangerous Blondes
1943 Frank Craven Dangerous Blondes
1943 Ann Savage Dangerous Blondes
1943 Edmund Lowe Dangerous Blondes
1943 Evelyn Keyes Dangerous Blondes
1942 Mary Wickes Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Penny Singleton Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Larry Simms Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Arthur O'Connell Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Hans Conried Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Paul Harvey Blondie's Blessed Event
1942 Arthur Lake Blondie's Blessed Event
1941 Lloyd Bridges Harmon of Michigan
1941 Larry Parks Harmon of Michigan
1941 Oscar O'Shea Harmon of Michigan
1941 Eddie Laughton The Phantom Submarine
1941 Bruce Bennett The Phantom Submarine
1941 Don Beddoe The Phantom Submarine
1941 William Forrest The Phantom Submarine
1941 John Tyrrell The Phantom Submarine
1941 William H. Ruhl The Phantom Submarine
1941 Oscar O'Shea The Phantom Submarine
1941 Charles Sullivan The Phantom Submarine
1941 George Cleveland Two in a Taxi
1941 Henry Brandon Two in a Taxi
1941 Ralph Peters Two in a Taxi
1941 Noah Beery, Sr. Two in a Taxi
1941 Frank Yaconelli Two in a Taxi
1941 John Harmon Two in a Taxi
1941 Buster Keaton The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 Billy Gilbert The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 William Farnum The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 Franklin Pangborn The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 Margaret Hamilton The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 Hugh Herbert The Villain Still Pursued Her
1941 Alan Mowbray The Villain Still Pursued Her
1940 Veda Ann Borg Glamour for Sale
1940 Don Beddoe Glamour for Sale
1940 Paul Fix Glamour for Sale
1940 Ann Doran Glamour for Sale
1940 Douglas Fowley Wagons Westward
1940 Buck Jones Wagons Westward
1940 Jack Rockwell Wagons Westward
1940 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Wagons Westward
1940 Warren Hull Wagons Westward
1940 George "Gabby" Hayes Wagons Westward
1940 Chester Morris Wagons Westward
1940 Ona Munson Wagons Westward
1939 Janet Shaw Going Places
1939 Walter Catlett Going Places
1939 Allen Jenkins Going Places
1939 Ward Bond Going Places
1939 Dick Powell Going Places
1939 Thurston Hall Going Places
1939 Ferdinand Munier Going Places
1939 Robert Warwick Going Places
1939 George H. Reed Going Places
1939 Ronald Reagan Going Places
1939 Harold Huber Going Places
1939 Louis Armstrong Going Places
1939 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Going Places
1939 John Ridgely Going Places
1939 Joseph Calleia The Gorilla
1939 Paul Harvey The Gorilla
1939 Patsy Kelly The Gorilla
1939 Bela Lugosi The Gorilla
1939 Lionel Atwill The Gorilla
1939 Wally Vernon The Gorilla
1939 The Ritz Brothers [Al, Jimmy, Harry] The Gorilla
1939 Bobby Watson Hero for a Day
1939 Charles Grapewin Hero for a Day
1939 Russell Powell Hero for a Day
1939 Richard Lane Hero for a Day
1939 Berton Churchill Hero for a Day
1939 Dick Foran Hero for a Day
1939 Emma Dunn Hero for a Day
1939 Richard Greene The Little Princess
1939 E.E. Clive The Little Princess
1939 Marcia Mae Jones The Little Princess
1939 Ian Hunter The Little Princess
1939 Cesar Romero The Little Princess
1939 Arthur Treacher The Little Princess
1939 Shirley Temple The Little Princess
1939 Beryl Mercer The Little Princess
1939 Eily Malyon The Little Princess
1939 Beverly Roberts Main Street Lawyer
1939 Edward Ellis Main Street Lawyer
1939 Margaret Hamilton Main Street Lawyer
1939 Henry Kolker Main Street Lawyer
1939 Harold Huber Main Street Lawyer
1939 Richard Lane Main Street Lawyer
1939 Laura Hope Crews Reno
1939 Frank Faylen Reno
1939 Gail Patrick Reno
1939 Carole Landis Reno
1939 Richard Dix Reno
1939 Jane Bryan These Glamour Girls
1939 Lana Turner These Glamour Girls
1939 Richard Carlson These Glamour Girls
1939 Ernest Truex These Glamour Girls
1939 Ann Rutherford These Glamour Girls
1939 James Pierce These Glamour Girls
1939 Peter Lind Hayes These Glamour Girls
1939 Lew Ayres These Glamour Girls
1939 Marsha Hunt These Glamour Girls
1939 John Kelly These Glamour Girls
1939 Henry Kolker These Glamour Girls
1938 Ian Wolfe Marie Antoinette
1938 George Zucco Marie Antoinette
1938 Ben Hall Marie Antoinette
1938 Gustav von Seyffertitz Marie Antoinette
1938 Walter Walker Marie Antoinette
1938 Scotty Beckett Marie Antoinette
1938 John Barrymore Marie Antoinette
1938 Ruth Hussey Marie Antoinette
1938 Frank Jaquet Marie Antoinette
1938 Horace McMahon Marie Antoinette
1938 Robert Morley Marie Antoinette
1938 Peter Bull Marie Antoinette
1938 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Kolker Marie Antoinette
1938 Buddy Roosevelt Marie Antoinette
1938 Tyrone Power Marie Antoinette
1938 Cecil Cunningham Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Stephenson Marie Antoinette
1938 Herbert Rawlinson Marie Antoinette
1938 Barry Fitzgerald Marie Antoinette
1938 Reginald Gardiner Marie Antoinette
1938 Henry Daniell Marie Antoinette
1938 Joseph Schildkraut Marie Antoinette
1938 Albert Dekker Marie Antoinette
1938 Mae Busch Marie Antoinette
1938 Joseph Calleia Marie Antoinette
1938 Harry Davenport Marie Antoinette
1938 Norma Shearer Marie Antoinette
1938 Dickie Moore My Bill
1938 Kay Francis My Bill
1938 John Ridgely My Bill
1938 John Litel My Bill
1938 Bonita Granville My Bill
1938 Elizabeth Risdon My Bill
1938 Janet Shaw The Sisters
1938 Bette Davis The Sisters
1938 Jane Bryan The Sisters
1938 Beulah Bondi The Sisters
1938 Harry Davenport The Sisters
1938 Lee Patrick The Sisters
1938 Stanley Fields The Sisters
1938 Bob Perry The Sisters
1938 Laura Hope Crews The Sisters
1938 Dick Foran The Sisters
1938 Patric Knowles The Sisters
1938 Susan Hayward The Sisters
1938 Ian Hunter The Sisters
1938 Mira McKinney The Sisters
1938 Frances Morris The Sisters
1938 Paul Harvey The Sisters
1938 Henry Travers The Sisters
1938 Granville Bates The Sisters
1938 Alan Hale The Sisters
1938 Donald Crisp The Sisters
1938 Errol Flynn The Sisters
1937 Ian Hunter Call It a Day
1937 Peggy Wood Call It a Day
1937 Roland Young Call It a Day
1937 Alice Brady Call It a Day
1937 Leyland Hodgson Call It a Day
1937 Cecil Weston Call It a Day
1937 Bonita Granville Call It a Day
1937 Jack Richardson Call It a Day
1937 Beryl Mercer Call It a Day
1937 Una O'Connor Call It a Day
1937 Olivia de Havilland Call It a Day
1937 Mary Field Call It a Day
1937 Henry O'Neill First Lady
1937 Kay Francis First Lady
1937 Veree Teasdale First Lady
1937 Victor Jory First Lady
1937 Walter Connolly First Lady
1937 Robert Cummings First Lady
1937 Harry Davenport First Lady
1937 Preston S. Foster First Lady
1937 Louise Fazenda First Lady
1937 Henry O'Neill The Go-Getter
1937 Etta McDaniel The Go-Getter
1937 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Go-Getter
1937 Ward Bond The Go-Getter
1937 Harrison Greene The Go-Getter
1937 George Brent The Go-Getter
1937 Ann Doran The Go-Getter
1937 Sam McDaniel The Go-Getter
1937 Herbert Rawlinson The Go-Getter
1937 Charles Winninger The Go-Getter
1937 Myrtle Stedman The Go-Getter
1937 Minerva Urecal The Go-Getter
1937 Granville Bates Green Light
1937 James Pierce Green Light
1937 Spring Byington Green Light
1937 Myrtle Stedman Green Light
1937 Henry Kolker Green Light
1937 Errol Flynn Green Light
1937 Margaret Lindsay Green Light
1937 Bess Flowers Green Light
1937 Henry O'Neill Green Light
1937 Cedric Hardwicke Green Light
1937 Herbert Rawlinson That Certain Woman
1937 Minor Watson That Certain Woman
1937 Charles Sherlock That Certain Woman
1937 Frank Faylen That Certain Woman
1937 Georges Renavent That Certain Woman
1937 Cliff Saum That Certain Woman
1937 Bette Davis That Certain Woman
1937 Henry Fonda That Certain Woman
1937 Etta McDaniel That Certain Woman
1937 Donald Crisp That Certain Woman
1937 Ian Hunter That Certain Woman
1937 Sidney Toler That Certain Woman
1937 Ben Welden That Certain Woman
1937 Forbes Murray That Certain Woman
1937 Norman Willis That Certain Woman
1937 Mike Lally That Certain Woman
1937 John Hamilton That Certain Woman
1937 Fritz Feld Tovarich
1937 Ferdinand Munier Tovarich
1937 Montagu Love Tovarich
1937 Alphonse Martell Tovarich
1937 Morris Carnovsky Tovarich
1937 Basil Rathbone Tovarich
1937 Charles Boyer Tovarich
1937 Claudette Colbert Tovarich
1937 Heather Thatcher Tovarich
1937 Melville Cooper Tovarich
1937 Grace Hayle Tovarich
1936 Henry O'Neill Anthony Adverse
1936 Ralph Morgan Anthony Adverse
1936 J. Carrol Naish Anthony Adverse
1936 Eily Malyon Anthony Adverse
1936 Frank Lackteen Anthony Adverse
1936 Akim Tamiroff Anthony Adverse
1936 Claude Rains Anthony Adverse
1936 George E. Stone Anthony Adverse
1936 Donald Woods Anthony Adverse
1936 Gale Sondergaard Anthony Adverse
1936 Fredric March Anthony Adverse
1936 Louis Hayward Anthony Adverse
1936 Edmund Gwenn Anthony Adverse
1936 Olivia de Havilland Anthony Adverse
1936 Clara Blandick Anthony Adverse
1936 Bess Flowers Anthony Adverse
1936 Scotty Beckett Anthony Adverse
1936 Gene Lockhart Brides Are Like That
1936 C. Montague Shaw The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 William "Wild Bill" Elliott The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Akim Tamiroff The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Robert Strange The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Edward Van Sloan The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Paul Muni The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Herbert Heywood The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Josephine Hutchinson The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Porter Hall The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Donald Woods The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Dickie Moore The Story of Louis Pasteur
1936 Henry O'Neill The Story of Louis Pasteur
1935 Frank Melton Bachelor of Arts
1935 Berton Churchill Bachelor of Arts
1935 Henry B. Walthall Bachelor of Arts
1935 Stepin Fetchit Bachelor of Arts
1935 J. Carrol Naish Bachelor of Arts
1935 Mae Marsh Bachelor of Arts
1935 Pat Somerset Here's to Romance
1935 Reginald Denny Here's to Romance
1935 Armand Kaliz Here's to Romance
1935 Genevieve Tobin Here's to Romance
1935 Sam McDaniel Lady Tubbs
1935 Alan Mowbray Lady Tubbs
1935 Pat O'Malley Lady Tubbs
1935 Walter Brennan Lady Tubbs
1935 Hedda Hopper Lady Tubbs
1935 Alice Brady Lady Tubbs
1935 Minor Watson Lady Tubbs
1935 Walter Lang Lady Tubbs
1935 Ian Hunter A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Olivia de Havilland A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Joe E. Brown A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Victor Jory A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Billy Barty A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 James Cagney A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Hugh Herbert A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Mickey Rooney A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Kenneth Anger A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Arthur Treacher A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Veree Teasdale A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Grant Mitchell A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Frank McHugh A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Dick Powell A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 Dewey Robinson A Midsummer Night's Dream
1935 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Personal Maid's Secret
1935 Ruth Donnelly Personal Maid's Secret
1935 Arthur Treacher Personal Maid's Secret
1935 Margaret Lindsay Personal Maid's Secret
1935 Henry O'Neill Personal Maid's Secret
1935 Warren Hull Personal Maid's Secret
1934 William Farnum Are We Civilized?
1934 Claire Windsor Cross Streets
1934 Johnny Mack Brown Cross Streets
1934 Josef Swickard Cross Streets
1934 Lionel Atwill The Firebird
1934 Ricardo Cortez The Firebird
1934 Veree Teasdale The Firebird
1934 Jane Darwell The Firebird
1934 C. Aubrey Smith The Firebird
1934 Wynne Gibson I Give My Love
1934 Paul Lukas I Give My Love
1934 Louise Beavers I Give My Love
1934 Sam Hardy I Give My Love
1934 Henry B. Walthall Judge Priest
1934 Louis Mason Judge Priest
1934 Frank Melton Judge Priest
1934 Will Rogers Judge Priest
1934 Robert Parrish Judge Priest
1934 Charles Grapewin Judge Priest
1934 Stepin Fetchit Judge Priest
1934 George H. Reed Judge Priest
1934 Berton Churchill Judge Priest
1934 Hattie McDaniel Judge Priest
1934 Rochelle Hudson Judge Priest
1934 Arthur Treacher Madame Du Barry
1934 Veree Teasdale Madame Du Barry
1934 Dolores Del Rio Madame Du Barry
1934 Victor Jory Madame Du Barry
1934 Henry O'Neill Madame Du Barry
1934 Reginald Owen Madame Du Barry
1934 Ward Bond The Most Precious Thing in Life
1934 Jane Darwell The Most Precious Thing in Life
1934 Jean Arthur The Most Precious Thing in Life
1934 Ben Alexander The Most Precious Thing in Life
1933 Alan Mowbray Our Betters
1933 Walter Walker Our Betters
1933 Constance Bennett Our Betters
1933 Grant Mitchell Our Betters
1933 Hugh Sinclair Our Betters
1933 Charles Starrett Our Betters
1933 Minor Watson Our Betters
1933 Gilbert Roland Our Betters
1932 H.B. Warner The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 George E. Stone The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Sam Hardy The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Ricardo Cortez The Phantom of Crestwood
1932 Pauline Frederick The Phantom of Crestwood
1931 Robert Woolsey Everything's Rosie
1931 Eleanor Boardman The Great Meadow
1931 Helen Jerome Eddy The Great Meadow
1931 Johnny Mack Brown The Great Meadow
1931 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Great Meadow
1931 Lew Kelly Heaven on Earth
1931 John Carradine Heaven on Earth
1931 George "Slim" Summerville Heaven on Earth
1931 Lew Ayres Heaven on Earth
1931 Elizabeth Patterson Heaven on Earth
1931 Lilyan Tashman Millie
1931 Joan Blondell Millie
1931 John Halliday Millie
1931 Helen Twelvetrees Millie
1931 Franklin Parker Millie
1931 Frank McHugh Millie
1931 O.P. Heggie The Woman Between
1930 Marion Davies The Florodora Girl
1930 Sam Hardy The Florodora Girl
1930 Walter Catlett The Florodora Girl
1930 David Newell Just Like Heaven
1930 Jean Hersholt The Third Alarm
1930 Hobart Bosworth The Third Alarm
1930 Franklin Farnum The Third Alarm
1930 Dot Farley The Third Alarm
1930 Reginald Denny What a Man!
1930 Greta Granstedt What a Man!
1929 John Farrell MacDonald Four Devils
1929 Anne Shirley Four Devils
1929 Janet Gaynor Four Devils
1929 Huntly Gordon The Marriage Playground
1929 Mitzi Green The Marriage Playground
1929 Armand Kaliz The Marriage Playground
1929 Fredric March The Marriage Playground
1929 David Newell The Marriage Playground
1929 Kay Francis The Marriage Playground
1929 Lilyan Tashman The Marriage Playground
1929 Seena Owen The Marriage Playground
1929 Mary Brian The Marriage Playground
1929 Frank Coghlan, Jr. Square Shoulders
1929 Louis Wolheim Square Shoulders
1929 C. Montague Shaw Square Shoulders
1929 Lewis Stone Wonder of Women
1929 Leila Hyams Wonder of Women
1929 Peggy Wood Wonder of Women
1929 Harry Myers Wonder of Women
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