Anita Barone
Birth Place:
St. Louis, MO

Worked With

Year Name Title
2005 Michael Rapaport The War at Home [TV Series]
2004 Tracey Walter One Last Ride
2004 Jack Carter One Last Ride
2004 Charles Durning One Last Ride
2004 Chazz Palminteri One Last Ride
2004 Robert Davi One Last Ride
2004 Barbara Hershey Paradise
2004 James LeGros Paradise
2004 Elaine Stritch Paradise
2004 David Strathairn Paradise
2001 John Michael Higgins Ally McBeal: Fear of Flirting
2001 Lucy Liu Ally McBeal: Fear of Flirting
2001 Peter MacNicol Ally McBeal: Fear of Flirting
2001 Calista Flockhart Ally McBeal: Fear of Flirting
2000 Michael Chiklis Daddio [TV Series]
1997 Art La Fleur Running Time
1997 Bruce Campbell Running Time
1996 Hal Linden Just Friends
1995 Haley Joel Osment The Jeff Foxworthy Show: Season 01
1995 Jay Mohr The Jeff Foxworthy Show: Season 01
1994 Elliott Gould Friends: The One with the Sonogram at the End
1994 Ian McKellen I'll Do Anything
1994 Harry Shearer I'll Do Anything
1994 John D. Schofield I'll Do Anything
1994 Rosie O'Donnell I'll Do Anything
1994 Joely Richardson I'll Do Anything
1994 Nick Nolte I'll Do Anything
1994 Woody Harrelson I'll Do Anything
1994 Jake Busey I'll Do Anything
1994 Julie Kavner I'll Do Anything
1994 Albert Brooks I'll Do Anything
1994 Tracey Ullman I'll Do Anything
1994 Anne Heche I'll Do Anything
1991 John Lithgow Ricochet
1991 Ice-T Ricochet
1991 John Amos Ricochet
1991 Kevin Pollak Ricochet
1991 Denzel Washington Ricochet
1987 Donald Sutherland The Rosary Murders
1987 Charles Durning The Rosary Murders
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