An Inconsistent Truth Synopsis
A skeptic tries to poke holes in theories of man-made global warming.
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An Inconsistant Truth

By trumpetjaz
An Inconsistant Truth was the best movie I have seen in years! It was educational, interesting, entertaining and presented a bulletproof argument that completely debunked the Global Warming...

Great Documentary

By D in Smyrna
I thought the movie was very well done. It shows what I believe to be a very balanced investigation of the myth of Global Warming and why it is being pushed. I did my own looking at the evidence in...

An Inconsistent Truth

By redirishbell
I was captivated from beginning to end. The movie shed a harsh white light on what could well be the scam of the century. Imagine paying for fuel then having to pay to burn it! Al Gore is trying to...

An Inconsistent Truth

By classic movies 9417
This film was excellent. It's about time someone told the truth, the REAL facts. Al Gore is only after people's money. The government is good about making up stories to tell America. Al Gore is...

An Inconsistant Truth

By signguy51
The film was very well done. Several top climate scientists were interviewed revealing the truth behind the warming claims. It was entertaining and very informative. Several times during the movie,...

Eye opening experience

By southerngalhere
A presentation of the facts surrounding the myths we've been told were facts. Enjoyable, entertaining while learning so much - great job!...

Best Documentary I've Seen in Years

By BuzzMaster
What an experience! So many facts, so much information, so many lies disclosed. In our society where it is almost impossible to find someone use the word "lie" this movie returns us to the...

An Inconsistent Truth

By clyborg5
This movie was great. It should have been longer and expanded more on scientific information. We have been brainwashed to believe global warming in order to pad the pockets of the ones who heavily...

Must see!

By cathysimpkins
Phil and Shayne did a fantastic job in putting together a movie that does not criticize or put any opinions down, but they state the facts and back them up with proof. The myth of global warming is...

An Inconsistent Truth

By susanmbeyer
FINALLY, the TRUTH! Great film...great information about what's happening with the "global warming" issue. Phil Valentine did an EXCELLENT job and it should go GLOBAL, for all our sakes, especially...

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Rated PG | For Brief Language, Thematic Elements and Some Violent Images