Great cast and good times

By BrianG_80
Written August 23, 2009
If you have attended college or thought about attending college or even laughed at someone who attends college, then you've probably seen this movie. If you haven't, then work on your taste in movies. Start by watching this and enjoy the launching point for Kevin Bacon (In Bacon we trust) and see John Belushi at his peak. Donald Sutherland and company provide a great supporting cast and a movie that will have you never look at a bottle of Jack Daniels the same way again.
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Still funny after all these years

By TerpsFan72
Written September 27, 2012
If there was a comedy movie hall of fame this would have to be among the members of the first class. A true classic comedy.
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By tdurden5150
Written July 11, 2013
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By damedivine
Written July 13, 2013
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Great great great. Have seen it many times.

By lisabeyer113453
Written January 19, 2015
One of the greatest comedies ever. Reminds me of frat boys in the 70s.
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