A NIGHT AT THE OPERA ~ Comic Anarchy at its Zenith!

By lugubriousthespian
Written January 14, 2009
The Marx Brothers' A NIGHT AT THE OPERA is the zany comedy team's last truly brilliant film. It contains some of the funniest gags ever recorded on film ( the famous "Stateroom Scene must be witnessed to be believed! ). But beyond that, the movie itself works the best as a finely-tuned machine that fires its pistons at full throttle in every department from music, to the subplot writing to the marvelous MGM production values. Alan Jones substitutes for brother Zeppo here as the romantic, crooning love interest, but nothing can diminish the love pas de deux between Groucho's Rufus T. Firefly and the Grand Dame of oblivious comic foils, Margaret Dumont playing the regally asinine Mrs. Claypool. A NIGHT AT THE OPERA just may chalk up the most per-minute laughs of any movie to date - make sure you take a clicker-counter to keep track because your side may be aching to much to fully concentrate!
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By jdhennigan
Written June 29, 2013
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