An Honest Liar Synopsis
AN HONEST LIAR is a feature documentary about truth and deception and the life of world-famous magician, escape artist and master skeptic, James ‘The Amazing’ Randi.

Movie Reviews


By nlevin21
Fantasticly entertaining!...

By whatadrag112
James Randi rose from a precocious little boy in 1930s Canada to worldwide fame as a stage magician and escape artist. After retirement, he began a personal crusade to expose frauds and charlatans...

A Dishonest Liar

By luthierwax
When the preceding preview was "Seymour" and An Honest Liar began with "Oh Yes, the coffee." I knew then I had been sold a bill of goods and deceived by the movie theatre, not Fandango. The...

Completely moving; completely surprising

By sullivant16
As a fan (and amateur student) of magic, slight of hand, mentalism, and the fantastic showmen of today, I started watching this film thinking it would be a documentary on the Amazing Randi. It is....