a contrast between harsh reality and hope from dreams

By rybrrdm
Written February 21, 2014
I really enjoyed Angels In Stardust. It is a coming of age film that takes place in a quirky little town built on an abandoned drive-in movie theater lot call Tardust (Stardust with "S" missing). After the first 20 minutes of character development, the film really opens up. Silverstone (Tammy) is brilliant in her performance as a single mother raising children in a struggling trailer park community. She had me crying at times, and sometimes shocked at her desperate attempts to improve her life. In my opinion, this is her best performance ever. Burk (Cowboy) and Michalka (Valley Sue) are amazing at fulfilling their rolls. I was intrigued at how Valley Sue's life weaves between fantasy and reality with the Cowboy. Through creative cinematography and clever special effects, the film contrasts the harsh reality of being born poor with the hope created by dreams. This is a film for the whole family (13 years+), but will be enjoyed most by mothers and teenage daughters.
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