ANGELS & DEMONS. In purgatory. Grade: C-plus

Written May 15, 2009
Wed May 13 - I attended the VIP screening of this 138-min movie-adaptation of the novel by Dan Brown - directed by Ron Howard - starring Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer, and Ewan McGregor. Because I've read the novel I had really high expectations for this movie. I enjoyed Ron Howard's direction and I thought the cinematography (Salvatore Totino) was excellent - the sets were AMAZING. However, too many liberties were taken with the movie-adaptation that... totally re-portrayed revamped a few key characters; resulted in a few plot changes; shifted focus on certain current issues; changed keys events. If you've never read the novel - all should be well, fine & dandy. BUT, if you've read the novel - you'd be incensed outraged by the resulting 'mangled' movie-adaptation. Movie adaptations should stay faithful to the original source - period. VERDICT: Fans of Dan Brown be forewarned - this movie could have been MUCH better. Recommended for it's visual appeal and direction.
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Too many liberties were taken!

By mskoalaroo
Written May 15, 2009
As a fan of Dan Brown's books, I cannot fathom the amount of liberties taken with the story. The DaVinci Code movie was HORRIBLE for those familiar with the book. They tried to make this movie better, but I feel that they failed. They call it a sequel to the DaVinci Code, but it's supposed to take place prior to that story. Tom Hanks is a great actor, but he is nothing like the character and frankly he just can't do this character. The only similarity Hanks has with Langdon is they are both American. That's it! Hanks looks great for his age, but he's 15 years older than the character. He is stiffer in this character than in anything I've seen him in. So many storylines, characters, etc were changed that the movie is ruined for anyone who has read Dan Brown's work. There is so much more to the book, regardless of the fast paced timeline, than could ever be conveyed in this hatchet job of a movie. Shame on those who were a part of this nightmare!
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the book was...

By darkwriter502
Written August 27, 2007
the book was awesome!!! all of dan brow's are. i have been waiting for this to come out since davinci code!!!!
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bland and strange...boring, predictable...

By jenn998
Written May 16, 2009
I haven't read the book, but I can only imagine. The movie just wasn't worth it. I wanted to walk out halfway and didn't care for anymore. Was not gripping, exciting, that entertaining..the film itself--scenery, acting, direction was ok and made it seem realistic...but the rest I would just say wasn't too good. The ending was the only real 'plot twist' the rest was just predictable and not too interesting. If it had more plot twists to peak your interest it would've been worth it...the one guy being the illuminati was the only real one and even that was just already predicted...the rest of the movie was just boring, a snore..the way the film was made made it unappealing and hard to connect to the audience....the plot was also really ridiculous, and made no sense as far as motives were concerned, villains, storyline...really absurd storyline poorly executed on film....I really wouldn't even waste my time or money only went because of the hype and wish I hadn't...
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You wont want to leave for a minute...

By Movie-Merlin
Written May 10, 2009
If you liked National Tresure, this one is better (sans comic relief). Action Yes, Plausible reality, Yes, Reasonable clues and deduction, Yes, Yes. Who's good and who's'll change you're mind 14 times up until the very end. Just a good clean (no sex, no langage, a little violent) movie. It's long one. Don't super-size the won't want to miss 1 minute of this one.
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