Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever!!!

By ragmop7
Written August 13, 2011
Finally, a refreshing Science Fiction movie, without super heroes or comic book characters and arch-villains! Close relation to 2001 A Space Oddessy. Captivating story line, amazing cinematography, and riveting music score. Can't wait for the DVD!!!
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By acush3993
Written August 11, 2011
This movie was absolutely horrible...the movie beganslow, played slow, and ended slower.Iwas confused fromthe point where it changed from the civil war to somehow set on a space station. Where the hell was he at the end of the movie, a hospital, hotel and archive combination in space? No one in my theatre could guess what the hell was going on the entire movie. By the end, the entire movie theatre, almost in synchronized fashion, began laughing at the most strange of parts. It ended up being a great comedy. The concert sucked. Flat out. The sound was so quiet that it began tobe awkward tolisten too with Tom Delonge's Shlong being exhibited in his multiple powerstances. Comments were shouted out during the entire Q&A session which brought much laughter to the audience. I dont get this a joke?No seriously...5 years?
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Angels & Airwaves Presents Love Live review

By ars198614
Written August 10, 2011
beautiful cinematography, with a story that blends in questions and answers on human connection and being alone
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Great Artistic Movie

By myriadzeros
Written August 12, 2011
This movie was really well done. The story was intriguing and heart-wrenching. Obviously it's only a movie for adults and teens. Even though AVA did all of the music for the movie I was kind of disappointed that there was more of an emphasis on it. Overall, the acting was great, the directing and cinematography was amazing and the concert and interview afterwards were a nice added bonus. If you're an AVA fan it's a must see.
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I want my money back

By mnguyen601
Written August 12, 2011
The movie was confusing and choppy. No clear story line. Cinematography was okay. The concert was lame because you can barely hear the audio of both the voice and music. DO NO WATCH.
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