Angela Featherstone
Date of Birth
Apr 03, 1965
Birth Place:
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Colm Meaney Caved In: Prehistoric Terror
2006 Stephen Tobolowsky Love Hollywood Style
2006 Faye Dunaway Love Hollywood Style
2003 Mark Hamill Reeseville
2001 Armand Assante Federal Protection
2001 Luke Wilson Soul Survivors
2001 Eliza Dushku Soul Survivors
2000 Joanne Whalley The Guilty
2000 Gabrielle Anwar The Guilty
2000 Bill Pullman The Guilty
2000 Danny Huston Ivans Xtc.
2000 Valeria Golino Ivans Xtc.
2000 Peter Weller Ivans Xtc.
2000 Jennifer Jason Leigh Skipped Parts
2000 Drew Barrymore Skipped Parts
2000 Christopher McDonald Track Down
2000 Jeremy Sisto Track Down
2000 Donal Logue Track Down
2000 Tom Berenger Track Down
2000 Amanda Peet Track Down
1999 Paul Rudd 200 Cigarettes
1999 Janeane Garofalo 200 Cigarettes
1999 Kate Hudson 200 Cigarettes
1999 Jay Mohr 200 Cigarettes
1999 Martha Plimpton 200 Cigarettes
1999 Christina Ricci 200 Cigarettes
1999 Dave Chappelle 200 Cigarettes
1999 Ben Affleck 200 Cigarettes
1998 Steve Franken Seinfeld: The Maid
1998 Drew Barrymore The Wedding Singer
1998 Adam Sandler The Wedding Singer
1998 Steve Buscemi The Wedding Singer
1998 Jon Lovitz The Wedding Singer
1998 Ryan O'Neal Zero Effect
1998 Ben Stiller Zero Effect
1998 Bill Pullman Zero Effect
1997 Joe Penny Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II
1997 Charles Bronson Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II
1997 Diane Ladd Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II
1997 Mykelti Williamson Con Air
1997 John Cusack Con Air
1997 Rachel Ticotin Con Air
1997 Ving Rhames Con Air
1997 Dave Chappelle Con Air
1997 John Malkovich Con Air
1997 Colm Meaney Con Air
1997 Steve Buscemi Con Air
1997 Nicolas Cage Con Air
1997 R. Lee Ermey Cracker [TV Series]
1997 Josh Hartnett Cracker [TV Series]
1996 Lesley-Anne Down Family of Cops
1996 Charles Bronson Family of Cops
1996 Michael Rapaport Illtown
1996 Lili Taylor Illtown
1996 Isaac Hayes Illtown
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