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An Evening WIth Jane Goodall

By freevid
Written September 28, 2011
We found this event, based on your promotion, NOT to be what we expected. Your copy reads... "Join NCM Fathom and MDA Productions for a rare and intimate evening LIVE with Jane Goodall as we take a look at the private person behind the famous icon." Well, she was "live" but was asked really shallow questions by two people that were clearly not up to the task of even being in the same room with the likes of Dr. Goodall.The documentary was interesting...but not exceptional in any way. We appreciated learning more about Dr. Goodall's world-wide and broad-based environmental and human rights efforts. However, we could have garnered all this effectively from a DVD. Bottom line... your promotional copy intimated much more than you delivered with regard to the "live" interaction with Dr. Goodall. We believe that this program fell far short of being worth what we were charged for our tickets, through no fault of Dr. Goodall.
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Must-see film

By Nancyred83
Written September 28, 2011
This movie is absolutely inspirational. For those of you who have already been inspired by Jane and her work, prepare to be inspired and moved all over again. As individuals, it is our duty to make a difference in our communities. Jane Goodall gives us hope and shows us that change is possible.
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An Evening With Jane Goodall Live review

By ontiv99
Written October 04, 2011
Message of "HOPE" is outstanding.
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I enjoyed this

By laltizio
Written September 28, 2011
Although, the live Interviews bored me to death
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"Jane Goodall Live" Review

By mike91848
Written September 28, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I am so impressed with her dedication and her passion. It shines through her work and her words. I will buy the video and share it with my family and friends. I had tears in my eyes many times during the presentation; tears of happiness, respect, and amazement. Her name should be Saint Jane of Hope. I say thank you, to her and all of her supporters for bringing this presentation to my local theater. Loved it!
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