Hey Rick0327 --An Education was indeed overtly Anti-Semitic

By Ddogpics
Written November 07, 2009
You think An Education was not anti-semitic. Ok....lets try out the facts --- Saarsgaard immediately identifies himself as a Jew [what other movies has the lead star saying -- hi, I'm a catholic,or a baptist, a protestant, or a muslim, etc...I don't remember seeing any?]. Then he engages in the following despicable acts: he lies; he steals; he forges; he seduces & knocks up neighborhood underage girls ; he commits adultery; he abuses a poor black family; he's a coward for refusing to face Jenny's parents. There are disparaging remarks made about Jews throughout the movie, including the charge that Jews killed Christ. This was a coming of age movie...what did Saarsgard's religion have to do with the story line? Answer -- nothing at all. The only conclusion one must reach is that it was added to the script to intentionally make Jews look very bad. That's called overt anti-semitism. Strange that no other racial, ethnic or religous group was even identified in the movie...just Jews.
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An Education

By 102586
Written October 27, 2009
Not to be confused with the chick flick genre, yet it is a movie for young women and adolescent girls. The message, strong and clear that female intellectual talent and individualism is a virtue, is not seen typically seen in films today. This film is worthy of a Joan Crawford or Katherine Hepburn. Never dumbed down, rather, I want to see it again to catch the artistic references I only glimpsed. Show this to all 8th grade classrooms.
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An Education in Love

By Crownover
Written February 08, 2010
Sarsgaard's 30 something David is an unlikely match for Mulligan's charming, precocious but naive 16 year old Jenny. She is drawn to him in spite of her better instincts. And her father, played so well by Alfed Mollina, is taken in along with his wife by David. A terrific supporting cast creates Jenny's mother and David's beautiful but not unreasonably honest friends. The love affair is believeable and tenderly played. Jenny's educational path to Oxford suffers from the street smarts she gains with David. She is [BLOCKED WEBSITE]pelling character, intelligent, articulate, and very pretty. So viewers are easily swept into the world of adult play along with her. A blonde femme fatale vocalist provides a siren call to the party. When crisis comes, David's commitment to Jenny seems displayed in his anguish. Her education comes at a price much higher than her father could anticipate. Audiences will empathize with her suffering, be satisfied with her resilience and enjoy this movie a great deal.
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An Education - My review

By Cincinnati_guy
Written November 15, 2009
In a nutshell - a very pleasant surprise ! Carey Mulligan is outstanding and most definitely worth seeing. A sophisticated coming-of-age movie about a very intelligent, mature beyond her years 17 year old high school girl set in a London suburb in 1961. The only child of a well intentioned but borderline abusive parents who are forcing her on a track to Oxford essentially to find a husband. Fortunately Jenny has too much intelligence and spunk to take this unthinking direction without comments. And comment she does - the best scene being with Emma Thompson, the domineering headmistress who cannot answer Jenny's simple question of Why go to Oxford ? It 's a great scene. Jenny meets an older man who is the spark to the bonfire within Jenny just waiting to explode onto the world at large and Paris in particular. Overall a great movie, well acted and definitely worth seeing.
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an education is dead on

By Cbartz
Written November 01, 2009
this movie is smart, witty, funny, and down to earth. jenny, the young girl who falls for an older man, is a sharp young woman who through her relationship with playboy david, goes from a clever but mousy girl to a sophisticated, charming audrey heburn look-a-like who waltzes through her new life with the panache and grace of a well-heeled life-long socialite. things are not what they seem, but nonetheless, this film shows its audience what is to be young and reckless and what it is to learn from mistakes and take risks....
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