And so it goes...and goes....and goes

By malc818
Written September 05, 2014
I really would've given this flic 0 stars if that was an say it deserves ANY kind of positive feedback just seems incredible...The premise--old, cranky guy finally seeing the light; weird, trying-too-hard-to-be-cute&loveable older woman, has now been done to death--and I'm SEVENTY!!!! Even at my age, watching Keaton singing '40's torch songs in a (what??) lounge in (where??--suburban Conn??) was painful-- Hard to IMAGINE she'd draw the crowd portrayed ....Ms Keaton REALLY needs to move on from her "Annie Hall" days & grow up...Michael D just has to find better scripts...and director Rob Reiner needs to go in a different direction all together....OY...
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Really enjoyed it

By debi1128
Written August 27, 2014
This was a very typical Rob Reiner movie. If you don't like his movies, you won't like it at all. Yes--it's a very predictable movie, but I laughed throughout it--unlike Last Vegas which I thought was not funny at all. The audience I was with clapped at the end. I think baby boomer will go to see this movie more than other groups (unless they saw Last Vegas and think it's the same type of dumb plot). That is too bad because younger people will enjoy this movie also.
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And So it goes

By ILahawk
Written August 11, 2015
Great movie .........Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas have the best chemistry.............. enjoy it
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and so it goes

By dmmartin379
Written August 11, 2015
great date movie!
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And So It Goes I rate it a 5.

By mamohd
Written September 05, 2014
I really enjoyed it. I thought the acting was great with all the actors, young and old. The directing, cinematography and writing very good. I think only adults will enjoy it the most. Most of us who are widowed can identify. It made me laugh and sometimes have a lump in my throat.
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