• Released
  • February 28, 2012
  • (Additional screening: 03/07)
  • PG , 2 hr 30 min
  • Concert/Special Events

Simply Extraordinary, Another Webber Classic For The Ages!

By Alon Patterson
Written May 06, 2015
If you missed this special event, don't miss its encore performance. There simply aren't words sufficient to describe the beauty, artistry and elegance of this opera. Founded on the original premise, Webber and company take the Phantom's story, and music, to a whole other level with this effort. Add to the fact that live sound technology appropriate to capturing live stage performances such as this masterful musical has finally matured sufficiently as to be invisible to the audience. I cannot imagine anyone in the orchestra experiencing any better view or sound than every single audience member does with this telecast. Plus, there's the added benefit of seeing the actors emotionally invest in their characters, something often lost when one sits in the cheap seats on Broadway. This one comes live from Australia and is not to be missed by any real Phantom or Webber fan. It just doesn't get any better than this, except maybe in the theater itself.
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Love Never Dies

By michael72
Written February 07, 2016
I saw the show in London 3 times, just because I loved the score, the production didn't really work for me then, no matter which version. THIS one does!! Proves it makes sense not to give up. But I don't understand why I keep sitting in an almost empty theater for those events. Webber is the most popular composer, but there is no advertising. the theater I saw it in (Swansea, MA) didn't even show the title, just "special event". When I saw the Phantom 25th anniv concert in Burlington, VT at least there was a self-made poster in the lobby. A friend went inNYC .. same thing .. almost no audience. The only advertising i saw was on Playbill.com as I booked a ticket for a broadway show. None of my friends who wanted to see the show knew about it. And why does it not play in europe (where I am from)??? The show was great, it would have been so much better with more than 10 people in the audience.
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My Love for Phantom Never Dies

By alhucks8
Written July 28, 2016
I just returned from seeing Love Never Dies. If you are a fan of the original Phantom then I don't see how you could not enjoy seeing your favorite characters come back to life. I know this originally had poor reviews in London but they have reworked it and I thought it was really good! There were a lot of great new songs that I am excited to download and add to my collection of Phantom songs. They added some flourishes of the old songs but not too much so it did not seem they were doing Phantom all over again. The performers were amazing! The set seemed really intricate and cool. I really hope this show will make it to the U.S. as a live production! If so I will be in line to see it!
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Love Never DIes

By ruthe07
Written February 10, 2016
FANTASTIC MOVIE! A must see. Good idea to watch Phantom again before. Live orchestra, , great music and performance. Interesting interview at beginning with Andre Lloyd Webber. Don't miss it March 7,. Buy tickets early...sells out fast
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Love Never Dies - We have waited for this day a long time

By thmscmp
Written April 25, 2015
For those that were passionate about the original "Phantom of the Opera" this is a must see. Before going I was worried that this is a recording of a live performance in Austraila but now after seeing it I think I prefer it this way as opposed to seeing it live. Scenes were performers walk threw the "freakshow" and in the underground lair seemed to bring the audience into the action and allow us to see all the details of the set with the camera angles. The only times you really notice you are watching a musical on stage (as opposed to a movie) is when musical numbers are finished and the onscreen crowd cheers. Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical score is amazing. There are times where the music hints of the original score but really does create a new and meaningful place for itself. The only real complaint I will offer is that I wish their was a music overture before the show. The Coney Island Waltz is an amazing piece of music that I feel sets the musical stage perfectly.
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