Andre Rieu's 2015 Maastricht Concert Synopsis
Experience the magic of André Rieu as he performs from his hometown of Maastricht, Netherland, when Fathom Events and CinemaLive bring André Rieu’s 2015 Maastricht Concert to select cinemas nationwide on Tuesday, October 20 only.

Movie Reviews

Andre' Rieu

By admagic1
Last night my wife and I went to the most heart warming concert. It was Andre' Rieu, a Dutch violinist and conductor playing waltz.... A videoed live concert; playing in the local theater; from...

Andre Rieu

By bnjhieatzman
We went last evening and were completely entranced. It was a 3 1/2 hour show with a 15 minute intermission. What a wonderful experience. It was unfortunate that so few people were in attendance. ...

Andre Rieu's 2015 Maastricht Concert

By p3terry
It was absolutely fabulous!! So wonderful to hear pure good music. I left feeling happy, my heart filled with joy, and still feeling it the next day. Thank you so much for providing such a...

What a showman

By cindylopiano
I love Andre's music, but more than that I love the way it makes me feel. To see this amazing space transformed where strangers from around the world unite for one purpose, to be happy, makes the...

Better than ever

By edinorlando
I've seen Andre in person once and several times on videos that I've watched at home or with friends. This venue however seems to be the best given that you see and hear all that there is to see and...

Andre Rieu

By Dparker2222865
This was the best. I felt so happy and felt like I was there. It should've been advertised more. I can't wait to see next years....

Amazing, Loved it!

By judytry
As always Andre Rieu surpassed all expectations. He brings romance, fun and emotion to music that most people have never heard. The only suggestion that I have for his editing crew would be to list...

Andre Rieu's Condert = Awesome

By amcavalieri
We really enjoyed seeing the 2015 Maastricht concert. If you couldn"t be at the actual concert (which we hope to someday), this is the next best thing to actually being there. Great entertainment...

Another Great show

By thompsonka720
We have followed Andre Rieu for a number of years. This concert was one of the best we have seen. Several parts of the performance were new and different. Using orchestral members from other...

Andre Rieu 2015 Maastricht Concert

By john0675
We thoroughly enjoyed this concert, something for every one regardless of age. Too bad there was no advertising for this event that we noticed in and around the cities where we viewed this...

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