Good even the second time

By phillipboone13
Written March 01, 2014
I saw the pg-13 version and laughed incredibly hard for the first half of the movie. The R-rated version is still very funny and does a better job of spreading out the laughs throughout the whole film.
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Anchorman Fans Must See!

By theprincessfabulous
Written March 04, 2014
If you like Anchorman, you have to see this version. It is longer than the first second film, but it's rated R and so much funnier. Two must-watch scenes: the guys smoking crack on the air and the extended news team gang war at the end. SOO many comedians! Really, I get this is only interesting to a niche audience, but if you're in it, you'll love this. :)
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Anchorman 2 is a No Go! The R-Rated version is even worse.

By bmfrost
Written March 03, 2014
Horrible, none of the jokes were that funny. No one was laughing in the theater! Scenes didn't make sense why they were even in the move other than to seem quirky or trying to be funny. The first anchorman was awesome, this one was just plain unwatchable.
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less is more

By justindbarnhill
Written March 03, 2014
loved the first one; but this one was about 60 minutes too long. the shtick is small doses. Brick's moronic character is awesome....for about 4 minutes. the 10 minute long scenes with him were sooooo drawn was painful. wife actually fell asleep. rent it if you really loved the first one.
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Laughed out loud the whole time! Great satire with a message!

By Chyrisse448
Written March 01, 2014
I am so glad we waited for the R-rated version to arrive! Although R-rated, it must be for the few swear words and adult-humor because there is no nudity or violence. The comedic timing of Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, and others makes it even funnier. Beware, there is no political correctness. Beneath the humor lies a story about the media's sensationalism, simpleton audiences, and how news can be created from nothing (e.g., car chase) and "real news" is just plain boring. An interesting note was when Ron Burgundy was creating entertain-news and using patriotism as a tool to hook audiences, the audience in this small Florida town didn't get THEY were being mocked. As Ron Burgundy was poking fun at cheerleading for America, rah-rah USA, and if "they don't like it here, they can get the hell out" attitude, the audience was cheering and agreeing. They didn't catch the satire! Fun all around!
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