An American Carol

By Leorules
Written January 26, 2015
This movie is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Someone to call Michael Moore out on his propaganda American hating MOCKumentories! For you left wing nut jobs that are trash talking this film, it's a COMEDY! Get a life! Go watch "W" and stop trash talking a movie you haven't even seen yet. You left wing liberals just need to get a life and let America laugh like our country depends on it! It's pretty funny how they're running scared and talking smack about a comedy, it's making me laugh just thinking about it.
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Liberals will never like this

By 425mike
Written January 26, 2015
I do not expect any Liberals to like this type of movie. Someone once told me that liberals have no sense of humor...that is what makes them so constipated all the time. I have to come to believe this...their type of humor needs to be mean, demeaning, and always showing their superiority of cause. An American Carol is a humorous look at the left's leaders and having some fun. A liberal will never get this point...have fun?...while the ice caps are melting? while millions of illegal aliens in America have no health care? my God!!!! Don't any of you neo cons know that there is a tree being cut down right now somewhere in the world...and you dare to laugh?
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An American Carol--MM spoof?

By stegemiller11
Written January 26, 2015
I am amazed that Hollywood will allow this to be in theatres!! Anyone who truly believes MM's lies really does not have much political knowledge--he banks on ignorance of facts and bends many truths. Its okay for satire to be one sided, I guess, and outrages the leftists who believe that freedom of speech is for them alone. From a mom of someone serving our country, I hope it makes me laugh
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Have a laugh

By vgjones
Written January 26, 2015
Anyone who is tired of the P C thought police will enjoy an evening of being able to laugh at the ridiculous idols forced upon our culture by the left. Of course liberals will be highly indignant, but that is the beauty of satire and irony--they simply don't get it. There is a song and dance number in the film preformed by an aging group of hippy college professors--you know the kind we've all been forced to endure! In a word, it's -- priceless!!
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Been waiting for a long time!

By lorilett
Written January 26, 2015
I've watched every trailer for this movie and laughed my head off! Who couldn't laugh at a Zucker film?? When I first saw the character playing Michael Malone, I thought, "He looks and acts like Chris Farley!" (whom I miss) I looked and saw the actor is Kevin Farley--his brother. After having my intelligence habitually insulted with the liberal tripe Hollywood throws out, I'm relieved to be able to go to a movie that's not only hilarious, but reveals just how hateful and anti-American Michael Moore and his Hollywood cronies are. But instead of leaving the theatre angry, I know I'll leave with a hopeful feeling and some pity for the ignorant left, as they will be portrayed for the pathetic ignoramuses they are. I also appreciated the real-life story of Zucker's conversion from a Democrat to a Republican back in 2001.
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