Amy Wright
Date of Birth
Apr 15, 1950
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Michelle Williams Synecdoche, New York
2008 Dianne Wiest Synecdoche, New York
2008 Samantha Morton Synecdoche, New York
2008 Emily Watson Synecdoche, New York
2008 Tom Noonan Synecdoche, New York
2008 Philip Seymour Hoffman Synecdoche, New York
2008 Hope Davis Synecdoche, New York
2008 Jennifer Jason Leigh Synecdoche, New York
2008 Catherine Keener Synecdoche, New York
2002 Bronson Pinchot Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control
2001 Conchata Ferrell Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle
2001 Viola Davis Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle
2001 Elisabeth Shue Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle
2001 Martin Donovan Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle
1996 Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tom and Huck
1995 Robert Prosky The Scarlet Letter
1995 Joan Plowright The Scarlet Letter
1995 Jodhi May The Scarlet Letter
1995 Gary Oldman The Scarlet Letter
1995 Roy Dotrice The Scarlet Letter
1995 Demi Moore The Scarlet Letter
1995 Robert Duvall The Scarlet Letter
1995 Dana Ivey The Scarlet Letter
1994 Jessica Tandy To Dance with the White Dog
1994 Christine Baranski To Dance with the White Dog
1994 Hume Cronyn To Dance with the White Dog
1994 Esther Rolle To Dance with the White Dog
1994 Frank Whaley To Dance with the White Dog
1994 Rip Torn Where the Rivers Flow North
1994 Michael J. Fox Where the Rivers Flow North
1994 Treat Williams Where the Rivers Flow North
1993 Udo Kier Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Chris Penn Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Martha Plimpton Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Jake Gyllenhaal Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Stephen Tobolowsky Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Maury Chaykin Josh and S.A.M.
1993 Joan Allen Josh and S.A.M.
1992 Shirley Knight Hard Promises
1992 Peter MacNicol Hard Promises
1992 Rip Torn Hard Promises
1992 Mare Winningham Hard Promises
1992 William Petersen Hard Promises
1992 Sissy Spacek Hard Promises
1992 Ann Wedgeworth Hard Promises
1991 Goldie Hawn Deceived
1991 John Heard Deceived
1991 Beatrice Straight Deceived
1991 Kate Reid Deceived
1991 Glenn Ford Final Verdict
1991 Treat Williams Final Verdict
1991 Raphael Sbarge Final Verdict
1991 Lance Kerwin Final Verdict
1991 Teresa Wright Lethal Innocence
1991 David Strathairn Lethal Innocence
1991 Blair Brown Lethal Innocence
1991 Brenda Fricker Lethal Innocence
1991 John Mahoney Love Hurts
1991 Cloris Leachman Love Hurts
1991 T.T. Boy Love Hurts
1991 Judith Ivey Love Hurts
1991 Jeff Daniels Love Hurts
1990 Tess Harper Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Beau Bridges Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Judge Reinhold Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Keith Carradine Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Beverly D'Angelo Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Bert Remsen Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will?
1990 Henderson Forsythe In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas
1990 Rod Steiger In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas
1989 Alfre Woodard Miss Firecracker
1989 Mary Steenburgen Miss Firecracker
1989 Bert Remsen Miss Firecracker
1989 Ann Wedgeworth Miss Firecracker
1989 Holly Hunter Miss Firecracker
1989 Tim Robbins Miss Firecracker
1989 Scott Glenn Miss Firecracker
1989 Richard Masur Settle the Score
1989 Howard Duff Settle the Score
1988 Kathleen Turner The Accidental Tourist
1988 David Ogden Stiers The Accidental Tourist
1988 Ed Begley, Jr. The Accidental Tourist
1988 Geena Davis The Accidental Tourist
1988 Bill Pullman The Accidental Tourist
1988 William Hurt The Accidental Tourist
1988 George Martin Crossing Delancey
1988 Jeroen Krabbé Crossing Delancey
1988 Rosemary Harris Crossing Delancey
1988 Amy Irving Crossing Delancey
1988 David Hyde Pierce Crossing Delancey
1988 Sylvia Miles Crossing Delancey
1988 Peter Riegert Crossing Delancey
1987 Elliott Gould The Telephone
1987 Whoopi Goldberg The Telephone
1987 John Heard The Telephone
1986 James Tolkan Off Beat
1986 Meg Tilly Off Beat
1986 Anthony Zerbe Off Beat
1986 John Turturro Off Beat
1986 Judge Reinhold Off Beat
1986 Harvey Keitel Off Beat
1986 Fred Gwynne Off Beat
1986 Julie Bovasso Off Beat
1986 Joe Mantegna Off Beat
1986 Ron Silver Trapped in Silence
1986 Kiefer Sutherland Trapped in Silence
1986 John Mahoney Trapped in Silence
1986 Marsha Mason Trapped in Silence
1985 Dick Shawn Beer
1985 Kenneth Mars Beer
1985 David Alan Grier Beer
1985 Rip Torn Beer
1985 Loretta Swit Beer
1985 William Russ Beer
1981 Scatman Crothers Sunshine's on the Way
1980 Conchata Ferrell Heartland
1980 Lilia Skala Heartland
1980 Rip Torn Heartland
1980 Bert Remsen Inside Moves
1980 Pepe Serna Inside Moves
1980 David Morse Inside Moves
1980 Diana Scarwid Inside Moves
1980 John Savage Inside Moves
1980 Daniel Stern Stardust Memories
1980 Woody Allen Stardust Memories
1980 Marie-Christine Barrault Stardust Memories
1980 Jack Rollins Stardust Memories
1980 Sharon Stone Stardust Memories
1980 Louise Lasser Stardust Memories
1980 Tony Roberts Stardust Memories
1980 Charlotte Rampling Stardust Memories
1980 Jessica Harper Stardust Memories
1979 Murray Hamilton The Amityville Horror
1979 Helen Shaver The Amityville Horror
1979 James Brolin The Amityville Horror
1979 Margot Kidder The Amityville Horror
1979 James Tolkan The Amityville Horror
1979 Rod Steiger The Amityville Horror
1979 John Ashton Breaking Away
1979 Hart Bochner Breaking Away
1979 Daniel Stern Breaking Away
1979 Paul Dooley Breaking Away
1979 Barbara Barrie Breaking Away
1979 Dennis Quaid Breaking Away
1979 Ned Beatty Wise Blood
1979 Brad Dourif Wise Blood
1979 Harry Dean Stanton Wise Blood
1979 John Huston Wise Blood
1979 William Hickey Wise Blood
1978 John Savage The Deer Hunter
1978 Christopher Walken The Deer Hunter
1978 Meryl Streep The Deer Hunter
1978 George Dzundza The Deer Hunter
1978 John Cazale The Deer Hunter
1978 Robert De Niro The Deer Hunter
1978 Bob Balaban Girlfriends
1978 Viveca Lindfors Girlfriends
1978 Christopher Guest Girlfriends
1978 Kenneth McMillan Girlfriends
1978 Mike Kellin Girlfriends
1978 Kristoffer Tabori Girlfriends
1978 Eli Wallach Girlfriends
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