By movie_fanatic_1
Written April 15, 2009
Amusement was more amusing than scary. I loved the acting. All the actor/actresses done great but where they did great the story line didn't. I still felt like I didn't understand what was going on. They really didn't explain the past and what had happened since then. You could say I felt out of the loop. I understood it but i wanted to know more and felt disspaointed when I didnt. Other than that it was pretty much great. I was on my toes in several parts and bouncing out of my seat in others. I loved the disguises and makeup they did for the maniac. It was brilliantly done and I was very clueless that he was in disguise. The directing was good too. It felt like all the scenes flowed pretty well. If it weren't for the lack of knowledge in this movie, I would have gave it a better grade.
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Not good enough.

By Cinemax123
Written March 12, 2010
Amusement was kinda entertaining if your into gory-horror. It was like a mix between Saw and It. Saw because they are taken away by someone to be tortured, and It because there are some flashbacks of thier childhood. The reason I didn't like it was because the ending was very abrupt. I'd say don't see it, now that I saw it.
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