Beautiful and painful movie

By cookingjoan
Written May 05, 2016
This was an amazing and tender and accurate portrayal of love and loss - the ultimate loss after a lifetime of love. I just went through this -- my husband died of lymphoma last August. The opposite end of the spectrum of movies like Django. Go see it and take in the beauty.
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Ultimate Book on Aging

By janetborba
Written September 03, 2015
This movie is not for everyone. No one wants to experience a long debilitating illness or put a loved one through the caring of someone with such an illness, yet in reality, this is a recurring scenario for many. The beauty of this movie is the love that carries through to the end for this couple. The acting was superb. The director did a great job by keeping everything simple and slow. This is a snapshot of this couple's lives. Without showing flashbacks to fill in their earlier lives, the director and actors made it clear this was a marriage of love, affection, passion, trust, and dignity.
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Watching Paint dry would be more exciting

By Moviefanatic35
Written May 27, 2016
I don't know why this movie is getting any awards attention and certainly do not get why Riva is getting even any oscar talk but be prepared to watch 2 hours of two people in a room where nothing happens and just the mundane aspects of taking care of a loved one is done to great length and detail. Ugh, one of the worst movie experiences
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It's French. Enough Said.

By thechase007
Written July 25, 2016
Perhaps it's because I live this movie to a certain extent with my 90 year old father who has Alzheimers but I don't get the hoopla surrounding this. I can only think that the people praising it have not personally taken care of someone as the husband did for his wife. Besides that however, I found it annoyingly slow...I just don't need to watch boring scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with the movie, i.e., watching someone trying to catch a pidgeon or methodically cutting off the tops of flowers. That being said, the acting of Trintignant and Riva (especially Riva) was fabulous but oh how I wish the story line had more depth. I did appreciate the inclusion of what it's like when other people that don't help with the care adamantly suggesting a course of action. All in all, a typical French abstract BS for the most part.
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Painfully Slow & Depressing, I was not expanded after this Experience.

By thebestmoviecritic
Written October 29, 2014
Yes, I was hoping for a 2 hour glance into others lives, albeit happy or sad. My experience was painfully slow, depressing and I did not feel I went away from this experience a more full and realized person. It was shocking and I cannot believe the film is receiving as much praise as it has been. Yes, the acting was phenomenal, no doubt. I love the French language, the beautiful apartment, though, run down. I am stunned at the amount of praise for this very bland, dull and depressing film.
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