Ultimate Book on Aging

By janetborba
Written February 17, 2013
This movie is not for everyone. No one wants to experience a long debilitating illness or put a loved one through the caring of someone with such an illness, yet in reality, this is a recurring scenario for many. The beauty of this movie is the love that carries through to the end for this couple. The acting was superb. The director did a great job by keeping everything simple and slow. This is a snapshot of this couple's lives. Without showing flashbacks to fill in their earlier lives, the director and actors made it clear this was a marriage of love, affection, passion, trust, and dignity.
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With Mixed Emotions

By linda19152
Written March 05, 2013
I found the acting great; the script fair, the mood of the film depressing but real. We are all headed for that aging path and we should know what is coming. I left feeling somewhat cheated not knowing what that goofy ending meant when they left their apartment to attend the concert we saw in the openng scenes. Maybe that means what goes around comes back around. Or I wonder if it meant that George was left with only the memory of a beautiful robust Anne. I don't think I would buy the DVD. One morbid afternoon was enough for me for a long while. In any case, I left feeling lucky to be walking out of theater, on my own two legs, toward my car and able to drive home. Even if I did not have a George waiting for me there.
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Watching Paint dry would be more exciting

By Moviefanatic35
Written July 30, 2014
I don't know why this movie is getting any awards attention and certainly do not get why Riva is getting even any oscar talk but be prepared to watch 2 hours of two people in a room where nothing happens and just the mundane aspects of taking care of a loved one is done to great length and detail. Ugh, one of the worst movie experiences
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Beautiful and painful movie

By cookingjoan
Written February 12, 2013
This was an amazing and tender and accurate portrayal of love and loss - the ultimate loss after a lifetime of love. I just went through this -- my husband died of lymphoma last August. The opposite end of the spectrum of movies like Django. Go see it and take in the beauty.
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Deep, Sleep, Must see it again since so deep and I slept

By Ognadnaf21
Written February 09, 2013
Wow, a long confusing movie. Keep discussing it and keep learning new insights. Issues involve aging, parents and offspring, spousal devotion, caring for the infirmed. Solid acting altho I don't know if Riva is "best actress." Not "best picture" as it was way too long; I feel the story could've been told with equal impact much more quickly. Some have said it was bit predictable--can't agree. It's no suspense thriller but I kept wondering what was going to happen next. The slow drawn out "action" still hits the viewer and leaves you drained, and probably relieved. Maybe the first scenes should've been moved to the end, but that's not all that's confusing. See it with someone, so you both can go over the parts where the one or the other nodded off; and even the parts where both were wide awake but totally baffled.
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