Painfully Slow & Depressing, I was not expanded after this Experience.

By thebestmoviecritic
Written January 21, 2013
Yes, I was hoping for a 2 hour glance into others lives, albeit happy or sad. My experience was painfully slow, depressing and I did not feel I went away from this experience a more full and realized person. It was shocking and I cannot believe the film is receiving as much praise as it has been. Yes, the acting was phenomenal, no doubt. I love the French language, the beautiful apartment, though, run down. I am stunned at the amount of praise for this very bland, dull and depressing film.
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Amour as in I can't take any Amour of this!

By Ebertstwin
Written February 17, 2013
Slow, wasted screen minutes on things that don't add to story. I couldn't get involved in the characters and didn't care who lived or died. I guess for people more intelligent than me this movie told some moving tale about growing old and being in Amour. True Armour would have been my wife not bringing me to this movie and wasting my Saturday afternoon.
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By rblenheim
Written March 07, 2013
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By SanSar59
Written January 24, 2013
Lovely movie of 2 octogenerians dealing with a progressive disability of the wife. Tells how not o ly the patient suffers but family and caretakers, also. When one gets to my age, 75, you start to worry about these infirmities and how younwill deal with them. Thoughtnthenacting was wonderful.
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Written July 24, 2014
Yes: you think you are going to be terribly moved by this film, but it is really quite cold and distant-feeling. Say a person saw it the day after her 90-year-old mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. That person would (did) remain detached and dry-eyed, while she had teared up SEVERAL times for "Identity Thief" which she had viewed earlier in the day. Go figure.
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