Written August 24, 2016
Yes: you think you are going to be terribly moved by this film, but it is really quite cold and distant-feeling. Say a person saw it the day after her 90-year-old mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. That person would (did) remain detached and dry-eyed, while she had teared up SEVERAL times for "Identity Thief" which she had viewed earlier in the day. Go figure.
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Deep, Sleep, Must see it again since so deep and I slept

By Ognadnaf21
Written February 09, 2013
Wow, a long confusing movie. Keep discussing it and keep learning new insights. Issues involve aging, parents and offspring, spousal devotion, caring for the infirmed. Solid acting altho I don't know if Riva is "best actress." Not "best picture" as it was way too long; I feel the story could've been told with equal impact much more quickly. Some have said it was bit predictable--can't agree. It's no suspense thriller but I kept wondering what was going to happen next. The slow drawn out "action" still hits the viewer and leaves you drained, and probably relieved. Maybe the first scenes should've been moved to the end, but that's not all that's confusing. See it with someone, so you both can go over the parts where the one or the other nodded off; and even the parts where both were wide awake but totally baffled.
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By ibeickis
Written August 20, 2016
This film is by far, one of the best films ever made!!! It won the Palm d'Or at? Cannes, and Emmanuelle Riva is nothing less than FLAWLESSLY AMAZING!!!!
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Amour as in I can't take any Amour of this!

By Ebertstwin
Written February 14, 2016
Slow, wasted screen minutes on things that don't add to story. I couldn't get involved in the characters and didn't care who lived or died. I guess for people more intelligent than me this movie told some moving tale about growing old and being in Amour. True Armour would have been my wife not bringing me to this movie and wasting my Saturday afternoon.
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Great performances

By mackpeak
Written January 24, 2017
The story was very maudlin, certainly with a point. Not the feel good movie of the year, but the performances were good, shot very nicely. Good script for the subject matter.
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