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A couple's bond of love is severely tested.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Amour arrives with plaudits and praise. But this is not hype, it is all deserved. This is a masterpiece.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Small victories that turn into defeats, long walks to gain little ground, little wounds that get deeper every day - growing old is a war,...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Magnificent in its simplicity and its relentless honesty about old age, illness and dying, Michael Haneke's Amour is a deliberately...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
In Amour, these two actors show us what love is, what it really looks like, and what it may, at its most secret moments, demand.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
Michael Haneke's French-language Amour, a perfect film about intertwined lives, proceeds at its own pace, and breathes so deeply that it...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
What happens between two people? Only the chemistry that keeps us from stumbling through the chaos by ourselves. Is that an illusion, too?...
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By Ella Taylor
At his provocative best, though - in his brilliant, gorgeous 2009 film "The White Ribbon," a study of the roots of fascism in domestic...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
These two glam stars of French cinema – Riva in 1959's "Hiroshima Mon Amour" and Trintignant in 1966's "A Man and a Woman" – give...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Amour is also unforgettable and one of a kind, two hours of torment that, in the end, you will probably not regret.
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For all that it is, as promised, about love, it's also a subtly punishing affair that grinds you into the ground as you watch an elderly...
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The movie drags

By See-A-Lot
The story is touching and the acting is excellent. However, the movie is way too long and at times boring. It would have been much better if they had cut out at least half an hour....

Touching story. Sad.

By kbmd99
Maybe too "real life", this sad but touching look at one couple's journey as it nears the end. Very captivating story about how the husband cares for and struggles with his wife's situation after a...

Simply Beautiful

By maddramaqueen
I positively enjoyed this movie to no end. I went into the film having little to no idea what this movie was about, but I left the theatre amazed at what I had just seen. Emmanuelle Riva is...

Hard Truths Beautifully Told

By califgrl
This is my third Haneke film and by far my favorite. Cinematically, it's perfect. Narrative stripped down to its emotional core. No waste, nothing extraneous, although there are several wonderous...

A huge diappointment

By lamay05
I was looking forward to seeing this movie because of all the good reviews it had gotten. I was so disappointed because the movie was tortorously slow, boring and extremely depressing. The acting...

Great movie but very depressing

By Jessie tuan
I always manage to enjoy depressing movies, but I felt extremely touched and sad after seeing it. "Amour" could be a true story happened to any family. With love, it might be easier to handle.... Or...

Very touching story!

By frascati
i really didn't know what to expect when i went to see "Amour". I smiled, laughed and cried. The acting by Emmanuelle Riva is superb. She really convinced us of her suffering. Trintignant does show...

No more, Amour

By me2JTS
Terrible! Yes , I did my research. I read the positive reviews. Afterward, I read them again looking for clues to my own undoing. Remember when you were in grade school and your English teacher...

Profoundly moving

By lnbee
This is the kind of movie one should almost see alone (as I did) because when it is over you will be speechless and contemplative. To speak is to intrude, to diminish....

With Mixed Emotions

By linda19152
I found the acting great; the script fair, the mood of the film depressing but real. We are all headed for that aging path and we should know what is coming. I left feeling somewhat cheated not...

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