Grand suspense

By saintez
Written January 26, 2015
I saw this movie at Sundance back in January. My review is not based on sentimentality because when I saw it PSH was still alive. If you are looking for action and guns maybe you should see a Marvel movie or something of that sort. However, if strong storyline, acting, and suspense is what you enjoy then it doesn't get any better. This is a very smart and well executed film.
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Starts strong, goes nowhere

By alexhollender
Written September 30, 2014
There's no questioning the potential this film had to be great - Philip Seymour Hoffman at the helm of a John Le Carre story. However the plot turns out to be unsuspectingly mundane, there is little to no character development, and the film just simply goes nowhere. Meandering around, continually being almost interesting, it's ultimately disappointing. Skip this one! Trust. Not even worth watching on Netflix. (Ps, the German accents are pretty bad).
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Espionage at is finest Humanity in its unlikeliest of places

By SheCritiquesIt
Written September 14, 2014
WOAH! What can I say? This is espionage on a whole other level. It delicately shows how the war on terror has wrought havoc on the espionage community as each nation is under a tremendous amount of pressure to produce quantifiable results. It also shows to an even greater extent that I thought possible, the humanity of each of the people involved in the pieces of the puzzle & how their families & friends are affected. And it showcases the differing styles that each nation utilises to get it's targets & how the greatly differ. What a film & the theatre was packed so what a fitting tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman. WOW!
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A most wanted man

By pcelnik
Written September 14, 2014
Excellent........exciting, intelligent....above all plausible.
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By Antilochus
Written September 14, 2014
A truly excellent movie.
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