A Million Ways to Die in the West Synopsis
When a mysterious and beautiful woman rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin to fall in love
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Funny and well made

By marcse
Let's face it -- either you like Family Guy-type humor or you don't. If not, go see Godzilla. If so, go see Million Ways to Die. VERY funny, smart, well-written, well-directed and worth your $12!...

Stand Out

By jwinniii
The natural thought is to compare this to other comedy westerns, but this movie stands out. Comedy has been a part of westerns since the movie Stagecoach. The opening scenes are very similar to...

im thinking :-)

By massiveambush
This movie was awesome, but it was geared to a certain amount of people, it was intentionally stupid, but it is something to watch at home not theaters...

By alan84
Super duper funny...


By nickyney
You can tell Seth MacFarlane is enjoying doing something differently from Family Guy. The story was good but with a predicable ending. The cast were all funny and Seth's physical comedy was the best...

It was better than I expected!

By shaunbeyoung
Surprisingly funny....

No good

By spem
Don't waste your money! Boring with a stupid one liner thrown in...


By bigbear132

million ways to die...

By rhoward830
Very funny movie, not for kids though...disturbing carnival scene, but was redeemed at the end...you gotta stay a little longer after movie is over...lol...


By phanvoice
Macfarlane's done it again. In typical fashion, he has made an absolute gem of a comedy. Seriously adult-themed but still quite funny. Charlize & Seth have good chemistry....

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Rated R | For Language Throughout, Drug Material, Some Violence and Strong Crude & Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Overly crude jokes and gross-out humor drag comedy down.
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