A Million Ways to Die in the West Synopsis
When a mysterious and beautiful woman rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin to fall in love
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
I laughed more at Seth MacFarlane’s sendup of ’60s Westerns than I did at all the other comedies I’ve seen this year, combined.
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Village Voice

By Amy Nicholson
Theron proved her comedy chops in the underrated Young Adult, and here she and MacFarlane get along like two eager puppies. If MacFarlane...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
An inventive and caustic comedy that really does look like the thing it's mocking.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Like "Blazing Saddles", A Million Ways to Die in the West has a slew of comic set-ups and one-liners that kill. And, as with Mel Brooks'...
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By Eric Kohn
In A Million Ways to Die in the West, MacFarlane loads up enough zaniness to make for a generally enjoyable mashup, particularly because...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Call this cowpoke comedy "Blazing Saddles" for millennials. Or just call it icky.
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Time Out New York

Despite the constant threat of untimely death, though, the consequences never seem too dire, and MacFarlane’s irreverent humor feels...
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The Wrap

By Alonso Duralde
The moments of absurdity land with a wonderfully weird grace, while the desperately vulgar gags about sex and scatology echo and crash as...
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By Drew McWeeny
A Million Ways To Die In The West certainly has merits, and in some ways, it is a step forward for MacFarlane, but it is also deeply...
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By Scott Foundas
Seth MacFarlane has delivered a flaccid all-star farce that’s handsomely dressed up with nowhere to go for most of its padded two-hour...
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Funny and well made

By marcse
Let's face it -- either you like Family Guy-type humor or you don't. If not, go see Godzilla. If so, go see Million Ways to Die. VERY funny, smart, well-written, well-directed and worth your $12!...


By isaaxk
Traditional Seth McFarland humor in real life!!!!...

It was a let down

By gabyherrera11
The movie itself wasn't that bad, but the previews showed hilarious stuff and once you go see it you already saw all the funny parts. The jokes were typical family guy jokes but for some reason they...

OK, But Not Great

By Frankie1429
Went to see after seeing Alicia Silverstone on the Lettermen show and saw a scene. I think it could have been much better if the F word wasn't used so much. A few scenes it may have been appropriate,...

Falls painfully short

By tejasvisudharshan
The cast was good, the idea excellent but somehow it didn't translate to a good movie. It was cringeworthy at best, it did have some funny scenes but those scenes were all in the trailer (good job...


By brycewachtell
Worst thing I have ever seen....

Not funny - vulgar movie

By jmvannoy
Terrible movie in fact likely the worst movie I've seen in my life!...

Glad it was free

By sopranocharisma
First off thanks for the free screening tickets, I did appreciate that! That being said, that's about all I enjoyed with this film! It was so obvious and stupid, ill be honest a lot of people were...


By srederburg
bad form for a number of reasons....

Rude crude but entertaining

By canon300mm
I don't know what to say about this movie but it was really funny. Very rude and crude but some parts really made me laugh. Seth McFarland really pulls it off. Worth seeing on dvd release....

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Rated R | For Language Throughout, Drug Material, Some Violence and Strong Crude & Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Pause for kids 16 & under Overly crude jokes and gross-out humor drag comedy down.
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