Amigo is a Must Go

By 1Pinay
Written March 21, 2015
Anyone who is interested in learning a bit of history about the Philippines and our relationship with the US, should go see this movie. The characters didn't succumb to stereotypes, that they are complex in their struggles during war and peace which in some ways echoes the current situation that the US is in the Middle East. Joel Torre played an excellent Amigo and portrayed his role as a sympathetic character caught in moral dillema. As a Filipina, I'm not only watching the plot of the movie, I was also hearing the words in Tagalog and reading the translated English and how the translation is far from what was said in Tagalog. There is the Chinese, American, Spanish relationship with the Filipino that highlights the seed of what class struggles is all about in the country. Then there are the outfits! I loved them. The cinematography made me feel homesick: the expansive rice fields, the bamboo forests, the carabaos, the clothes washed in the creek. You must this movie!
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A Noble Film!

By ives716
Written August 22, 2011
This film is well-crafted with a thought-provoking script, excellent cinematography, and fine acting. What an important part of history that is not covered in textbooks! Such resilience of a people before Spain and the U.S. invaded. This film leaves you wondering how history was taught to you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
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By shikaye24
Written August 19, 2011
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By DarthAugustuS
Written August 21, 2011
Its a one of a kind film; please see it. Very emotionally captivating...
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