A Mighty Heart Synopsis
Mariane Pearl's account of the story of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl's life
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A Mighty Oscar Nom

By ESwann
I saw an advanced screening and Angelina Jolie reminds us that she is an actress in this film. All of her over exposure aside, she deserves an Oscar nomination. The scene where she finally breaks...

Well done

By lizzieslovehandles
I really liked this movie, I love a "true story" & this was faithful to pull me into their lives just like good movies should. I had a feeling that they would have to make this political, but they...

Fabulous Movie!!!

By verocita
This movie is great! Angelina does a great job and the supporting cast is also good. Definitely an emotional piece. You don't want to miss this one!...

Intense Closeup of Terrorism in Pakistan

By greenaway
Well-acted, almost a documentary of the tragedy of Daniel Pearl's murder. If you are interested in the struggle in Pakistan this is very realistic. Also shows the sacrifice journalists make to...

Educational Drama

By karipei
The movie is a docudrama, but the educational benefits of the situation abroad are so important. The relationships between the local people and the foreigners are more cooperative than I would have...

A Mighty Heart

By 71 longhorns
Angelina Jolie moves up the ladder of outstanding Hollywood stars. She is capable of showing extreme emotions and also being solid. Her use of one word, no, brings out the most emotion I have ever...

A Mighty Heart Disappoints -- But Still Barely Worth Seeing for Jolie

By fladderwinks
Angelina Jolie is a great actress generally and Michael Winterbottom is a fantastic director generally, but that's not saving this cold, removed movie. This was a very held-back performance. The...

Worth it!

By gebo
Pretty interesting movie. I only went to see this movie because I have seen Mariane Pearl being interviewed and think she had and has an amazing outlook on the whole situation. I was pleasantly...

Touching Story

By movie buff
This was a very sad story, but very well done. Angelina jolie was great as david pearl's widow. she was meant to play the part.At times, the movie dragged a bit,but it was very intense and kept your...

A Mighty Heart

By wmweiss
Good direction, excellent mise-en-scene, an interesting an exciting story. However, Daniel Pearl's character was was developed only minimally prior to his kidnapping so that it was hard to understand...

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Rated R | For language
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