By Mom of OZ
Written November 06, 2011
A real glimpse into how we've lost our collective minds about health. It has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Why do we even weigh ourselves? It doesn't tell us how healthy we are. There are fat vegans and thin people who live on fast food. BMI was never intended for its current use and kids getting reports cards on their body size - WTF?? Good for the director changing his health through simple habits and not mass hysteria. Its very eye opening and would help many, many people - I just worry that the people who need to see it the most will miss it because they are at a weight watchers meeting or a bariatric surgery consult. - I blog about HAES here: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] I am just so happy to see the message spreading in an excellent documentary like this! on and that Dr. Shapiro was so ignorant I was almost embarrassed for him.
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America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments review

By authorhouse
Written October 12, 2011
People who believe that it's not a big deal to have the "correct body," or it's just a matter of "moderation," may watch this movie and ignore all the evidence it presents that weight stigma is harming the majority of our population, at every size. But I hope they set aside their prejudices, because for the majority of people, weight is a painfully familiar issue. Roberts takes these serious issues on and explores them with great humor and humanity. The movie pulls together the stories that people do not normally connect as related, in an incredibly entertaining and often very funny way. I think most people will actually identify with one of the people who are struggling in this movie, and they will want to see the delicious interviews with the people in positions of authority whose decisions have made their lives harder. Go see it, it's worth it!
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