Baltimore Sun

By Michael Sragow
Turns the kleig lights around to produce a wry and dead-on commentary on the film industry and the journalists who cover it.
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
Surprisingly funny and sweet, despite some missed comic opportunities and curious casting choices.
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New York Daily News

By Jami Bernard
The result is a back-lot studio tour that's not exactly good-natured, but terrific fun and it gives the ensemble cast plenty of clowning opportunities.
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Boston Globe

By Jay Carr
You keep waiting for it to go into orbit, to be really fizzy and outrageous, like the screwball farce it wants to be. Instead, the film settles for the merely serviceable.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Christopher Walken has the best moments in the whole thing, portraying the wacked-out auteur of the Gwen-and-Eddie vehicle. Sadly, he's only in America's Sweethearts a few hilarious minutes.
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USA Today

By Susan Wloszczyna
This movie is a cookie. A slightly stale generic-brand cookie.
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Wall Street Journal

Amusing enough, especially with its uniquely credible premise of a media fraud, to recommend.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
No excuse for the bitterness and crudity in America's Sweethearts -- a noxious combination that erodes the 1930s and '40s screwball-comedy armature on which this mirthless movie is based.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Chockablock with things we're not supposed to notice: that Roberts is wasted; that she and Cusack have no characters to play, so it's virtually impossible to understand why she loves him or vice versa; that the script provides comedy without bite and romance without resonance.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Edward Guthmann
This is the downside of Roberts' giant success and her dazzling ability to charm: Every time she goes plain, as she did in the little-seen "Mary Reilly" and "Michael Collins," our princess simply fizzles.
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