“AMERICAN VIOLET” – This flower DOESN’T shrink (from confrontations) =

By jimchudnow
Written April 15, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) Time & again, we’ve seen high-profile elected officials do things to try to ‘LOOK good’ to the majority to further their personal agenda (which often involves getting re-elected). That’s the story here, based on a true event in 2000, which chronicles a racist white D.A. (played by MICHAEL O’KEEFE) who works to target BLACK Americans he could harass & jail. An unmarried black woman waitress (strongly played by NICOLE BEHARIE) is unjustly accused of being a drug dealer. Disinterested white legal reps urge her to accept a “plea bargain” (which like 90% of jailed Americans do rather than go thru a trial by their peers). Her mother (ALFRE WOODARD) urges her to accept that ‘easy’ way out of her troubles. But, supported by an ACLU rep (TIM BLAKE NELSON) and a local white lawyer (WILL PATTON), she works to try to STOP the bigoted pursuit of blacks by the D.A. It’s a well-acted, encouraging and uplifting look at some of the slow-moving periodic progress in America.
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American Violet Need To Be Seen!!!!

By LoveMeSumTaraji
Written April 17, 2009
I went to see American Violet today and I found that it was a strong depiction of actual events that need to be address! Too many times movies like this don't get the big money backing from Hollywood. Why? I guess Hollywood feel that the majority of movie goers like to see movies more at ease and get their minds off of troubles in the real world. But, I thank the people that came together and saw that this true story was told, because it's important to the movement of humanity! I hope that it make enough noise to create a little buzz, because it deserve it! It don't have the budget it need for promotion, so I'm going to "word of mouth" it and hope people I tell to go see it will support it!
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American Violet

By selkiesisters
Written April 18, 2009
Great movie. The script and acting were ok -- not stellar, but not detracting from the story. The overall effect was powerful. I was in tears throughout much of the movie. This is a movie everyone should see. To not have knowledge of this true story -- and the emotional connection to it that this movie engenders -- is to live with a certain ignorance that we, especially white folks, can ill afford.
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American Violet

By 2themaxx219
Written April 17, 2009
A story that needed to be told.
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By twcxkgxg
Written April 22, 2009
Take your family to see this and then have dinner the out come just my save someone life.The movie was great heart felt. Its speaks the truth. My 4 sons are upset to see that the more things change they stay the same.
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