Must See!

By wfdmom5
Written April 25, 2009
RIVETING!!! Grab your friends and Go! The story is compelling, the acting superb! There isn't a wasted moment. True stories of courage cannot be told too often, and this one is fresh and unexpected. Saw this with my husband and mother. They also loved it. I plan to take my middle school kids. I only heard of this by chance skimming the through the New York Times review and a heard a brief review on NPR, otherwise I would never have known.
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American Violet

Written April 22, 2009
I found this movie to be very moving and emotional. "This is a must see"!!! Although, the movie was not advertised more, the movie is worth seeing. The young lady in the movie did an excellent performance. Hope to see more of her. Please go check it out. The movie puts out a strong message that is all around the world today and is still going.
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Outstanding Movie

By BrandyBreeze
Written August 27, 2009
The acting by all in this movie was superb! And very well written. It definitely let's one who is not aware realize that racism and corruption is still very much alive in the united states. Adults and teenagers should view this movie.
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Race and Crime

By p_diddymovieman
Written April 20, 2009
Wow..American Violet was excellent and in my view it's a must see for anyone who believes in justice!
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well done

By dylanscholinski
Written April 21, 2009
true stories need to be told... and need to be told well. well done. in addition, the fact that this is recent truth just makes it that much harder to believe... and that much more necessary to be witnessed. don't miss out.
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