1st review

By Juggalo1987
Written April 06, 2012
This was exactly what I wanted for what should be the final movie in this franchise. I laughed so much at sum of the scenes. There was also a sweetness to it. It was an all around good movie. Can't wait for the blu ray. Already guess there might be a unrated version.
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Great Finale!!

By MrUNC07
Written April 09, 2012
This movie was surprisingly good!! For those of us that kind of grew up with the American Pie franchise, this is a definite must see!! A trip down memory lane for sure!! An excellent close to the franchise!
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American Reunion

By rgroves24
Written April 07, 2012
It was great to see everyone back together. Stiffler was classic as usual. I think these movies would be better off without the whole Kevin and Vicki thing tho. Those two can't act. As a whole the movie was good but a little lengthy I thought.
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By mays9812
Written April 27, 2012
perfect movie to go along with american pie, american pie 2 and american wedding. far better than any of those american pie movies that were made without the original cast members
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One more great slice of pie

By aiden41883
Written April 07, 2012
I could sit here and pick apart the movie, but what it all comes down too is.....did you like the last 3 movie or not. This movie has a lot to offer for the fans of the series or just someone looking for a good laugh. It doese have it's moments were it is like the first film, but thats what we love.
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