American Reunion Synopsis
Former students from East Great Falls gather for a high-school reunion.
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By bobbyriesco
if your a fan of the old movies then you must go watch this move to fulfill your American Pie experience. you will laugh at the jokes and things that go on. you will cheer and rock on the people that...

Definite Must

By jenkins01
I won't spoil anything and I want to say I'm glad the previews didn't give away all the good parts. It was great to see the gang back together...ALL of them. I feel as though we've grown up...

A+ Follow Up To The Rest Of The American Pie Movies

By Darkola
If your a fan of the original movies, and followed them all throughout the years, then this is a no brainer, as it continues the lifes of all the old characters with the same kind of humor you come to...


It's funny as hell! If you love raunchy and crude humor. Then this movie never let's you down. I would definetly recommend this movie to anyone:)...

The Team is Back!

By niblock47
The all new American Pie movie, American Reunion is a must see movie. Its got all the original characters from the previous movies. This is in my book, the #1 comedy movie of the year, great story...

American Reunion.

By glasseyes
If you like the other American Pie movies, then you will probably like this one. Very crude humor, with a ***** flash on the screen. That was a little more than I cared to see. Sex was on everyone's...

Exceeds expectations

By JFannin73
Without giving away any spoilers, I highly suggest staying in your seat when the credits start rolling as they save the best for last. Eugene Levy is fantastic is this movie as the great awkward...

Could've Been Better

By ahazzis
The original characters didn't get enough time on the screen like they should've. I felt like newer characters got more time that the older ones should've had....

Possibly the best seince the first!

By ozzy554
I had really high expectations going into this movie. I can happily say that the movie met them fully. I laughed almost the entire movie and the acting is good as always. They fixed STIFLER! in...

SOOO Perfect!

By mjscads
This movie brought together all the best parts of the first 3 and added some of its own. Funny yet thoughtful and emotional. Anyone who grew up with these movies will be deeply touched by the whole...

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Rated R | For Nudity, Brief Drug Use, Language, Crude and Sexual Content and Teen Drinking
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Common Sense Media says Raunchy sequel recycles same formula, minus some laughs.
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