I will even forego my distaste of nudity/sex in movies.......

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written November 04, 2014
....to give this brilliant cinematic treat the nod it deserves. Amazingly executed satire on the self- absorption,consumerism and soul-lessness of the greed is good decade the 80s was,this film has been in my top 5 for years.Oscar worthy (barring the lack of trust true cinephiles have for the academy) early performance by Christian Bale incites recognition of the Patrick Bateman in all of us.And we do have one. It may be dialed down in some,it may not be realized,but it's there. Knowing that to access certain parts of our psychological make-up would be fatal and wrong to our humanity,I love that in this book/movie we have a chance to indulge,laughing and screaming and vicariously acknowledging what time and money and failures and success can do. Unrealistic but highly intelligent,thought provoking,and,yes,viscerally challenging,this is a piece of art to the thinking movie buff.
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Oscar worthy

By skywalker509
Written November 07, 2009
Christian Bale did a very dynamic job on the acting of patrick baitman. every motion, even emotions somewhat behind the eyes were expressed. The story had great depth to it, but you have to listen close, as it dosnt go easy on you. Oscar worthy proformance.
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That's a very fine shardinae your drinking .

By Scoot M16
Written July 02, 2008
That line is great and this movie is something else. Christian Bale is a great actor and if you saw this movie you would want more of him. He plays a great psycho in this movie. DON'T JUST STARE AT IT, EAT IT !!!!!
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By jshanesmith
Written July 06, 2012
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By karaokesinger050601
Written September 26, 2013
Before batman, there was Patrick Bateman. This is Bales best role ever. Even better than batman in my opinion. Best black comedy ever. If your into the insane and a funny horror movie. Don't pass this one up. You will laugh, and be disgusted at times. But it's worth it. Christian bales best performance ever!
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