funny funny funny

By franklin_flip
Written May 01, 2007
had a great time watching this one. it got some of that bollywood flavor and even great goat jokes and mooj from the 40 year old virgin. one of the rare romantic comedies that actually lives up to the trailer. wht a blast! yes i do recommend this one.
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By movie_guru2006
Written May 06, 2007
Really quite funny but also quite charming. Doesn't take itself too seriously and is a lot of fun to watch. the buddy is awesome!
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Funny + a good story + great music...

By GabbySD
Written May 07, 2007
What more can you ask for?...I loved this little movie and found the cast & storyline 2 B excellent...I also liked the music a lot and the way it carried the story along...I get tired of visual effects movies and all the real dark films out there all the time and found this one refreshing...with lots of laughs!
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Americanizing Shelley

By aplosa72
Written May 01, 2007
I've been hearing a lot about this film and finally got to see it this week in Nashville and I loved it!... My boyfriend liked it as much as I did (!)...It's a really good date night film. Verrrry funny, good acting and underneath the jokes, a story that you care about...If you want a really feel good experience at the movies go see this film...I hope whoever made it keeps making more films like this!
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It was hard to sit through

By moviewatcher9539
Written May 06, 2007
I was so exciting to see it, once I was in the theatre it was like watching a bad soap opera I was dissapointed.
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