An obnoxious waste

By Chuck Munroe
Written December 26, 2013
This movie is focused on childish characterizations of low class fools. There's nothing redeeming about any of the characters, nor does any of the film seem to be realistic. It's not serious, nor is it a comedy. It's not funny, except for a few scenes and few words. The lead woman is attractive, but throughout the film she's ridiculously dressed: no bra, dress slit open to almost her belly button, boobs always half exposed -- provocative for sure, but unrealistic and inappropriate for the story. The camera technique of always focusing on her boobs was at first enjoyable, but soon seemed pretty childish, like most of the movie. All and all, this film is a big loser.
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American MUST-le

By abh363
Written December 14, 2013
The actors are all flawless, except for some of the characterization of Bradley Cooper's character, and the plot has a bit of a dip. Otherwise, such an all-star cast, all phenomenal no matter what. MUST-SEE.
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American Hustle

By suekreps
Written December 25, 2013
My family and I walked out. We tried to like it, but there seemed to be no plot; it was so slow when anything finally did start to happen. I did like the music. We went to see this thinking it would be a great movie just looking at the cast.
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Slap that woman

By oleskiewicz29
Written January 27, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and felt sympathy for all except the Jennifer Lawrence character. I wanted her husband to knock the crap out of her...and I'm against domestic violence. The turn about was so good and I was satisfied with the ending to the movie. I would not take children to this movie, because of the F-bomb and the sexual intent. The acting was great Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper were excellent in each of their parts as were Amy Adams and jennifer Lawrence. I just wish Irving had smacked Rosalyn JUST once!!!
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All around great

By JCohenLRobert
Written December 15, 2013
Good story - well directed and the acting was all around phenomenal - I would not be surprised if this gets all the nominations and a few wins at the oscars. Also louis ck stole the show, he didn't have a huge part but the scenes he was in were my favorite. There haven't been many movies to be excited by in the past few months until recently, and this movie is at the top of that list - definitely worth seeing!
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