American Hustle

By LynCon
Written December 16, 2013
The acting was really good for this film, the director caught the 70's music, clothing and time. I remembered the scam as I had recently moved to NYC. Film is a little long, would recommend it to adults not necessarily for kids.
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American Hustle

By zito105
Written December 27, 2013
An exhilarating experience, once it hits full speed at the splendid party scene when the hustler-in-chief and Carmine Polito cement a friendship. It's as funny - no, funnier - than you've heard. But nothing can prepare you for the rush of seeing real characters' heads turned inside out so you can live in them - to resurrected top-40 hits of the 70's, no less. We learn what writers of telepathic SF have always knnown: We'd drive each other crazy if we weren't trapped in our own skulls. The fluid direction induces a visceral sensation that we are up there rocking and rolling with these wild men and women. Amy Adams projects a child-like emotional rawness which is equal parts adult behaving badly and kid playing dress up. If you spoil her game, she'll tip your life over. Christian Bale's character finds true love pushing him in the direction of a mainstream lifestyle, but his momentum carries him into Abscam, like Wiley Coyote off the cliff and hanging in mid air.
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Great performances, interesting characters, but otherwise...

Written December 16, 2013
The only reason that I went to see American Hustle is because of the buzz surrounding Jennifer Lawrence's performance. Other than that, I went in completely blind. I thought the characters were very interesting but a little caricaturish at times. The direction was interesting. As for the story, I felt like I'd seen it before. It was nothing new. And I never came to actually care about any of the characters. This last point is the thing that made the movie only so-so. The performances of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and especially Jennifer Lawrence brought this film from SO-SO up to GOOD. While it was refreshing to see Christian Bale play a fat, out of shape sleaze ball with a horrible comb over and Amy Adams play and wounded, insecure vixen, Jennifer Lawrence as the unpredictable, firecracker wife stole whatever scene she was in. These performances alone, I think, are reason enough to check this movie out.
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American Hustle

By anne709
Written December 22, 2013
Unless you have a particular penchant for one of the actors or actresses, forget it. It is not that captivating, fun or interesting while watching. And, there is nothing to take away except why did I-waste-my-time or what-were- the-reveiwers who gave it such raves thinking? vacuous and disappointing
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Sexy Funny Con-Game Film - Takes a While Getting to the Fun

By Slaughter_Lane
Written December 21, 2013
Open with a long shot up a prone pot belly followed by a toupee pasted comb-over described as "elaborate" and you feel its going to be an off-the-wall ride all the way. However, the next 30 minutes just kind of introduce characters related to small to moderate con games, with the most interesting thing being Amy Adams in see-through silky blouses that are open to the waist...even sitting down like that. Then it starts to go. Passions flare. Love triangles. Scheming for the big takedowns. There are out-loud laughs - The more over the top the character, the better Christian Bale does. He is the belly, balding with a low end loan scam who is thunder struck by Ms. Adams. - Cooper is so damn likeable. You like him front and center. Lawrence doesn't have a big role, but she plays much older than her (what 22) age as an unintentionally funny sexy screw-up who blames and manipulates hubby Bale. I had a great time, but had to chew on popcorn and cleavage for that first half-hour.
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