A must go, read why!

By xronmcdonx
Written November 09, 2007
Richie Roberts (Russel Crowe) gets one of Frank Lucas's (Denzel Washington) cousins to wear a wire after he witnesses him almost kill his girlfriend. Roberts is able to figure out when Lucas's next shipment is coming into the US. They find that Lucas is smuggling the heroin into the country by hiding it in the false bottoms of dead soldiers's coffins. Frank Lucas is arrested but makes a deal with Roberts in order to shave time off of his sentence. He gives Roberts enough information to put away two-thirds of the crooked cops that were in the special drug task force. At the very end of the movie it is 1991, and Lucas is released from prison. His wife goes back to Puerto Rico.
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American Gangster

By BJNelson
Written October 28, 2007
I was fortunate enough to participate in a screening and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. As everyone knows, this movie is based on a true story and Denzel and the entire cast delivered. It was over 2 hours, but the director and producers made every moment count. I was impressed with Ruby Dee (Denzel's mother). This woman is still awesome. I do not feel that this movie will impact our community negatively - it is history and we should take this opportunity to see the movie, read the book, and have some dialogue with family, our children and friends. BOTTOM LINE - GO SEE THE MOVIE -
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American Gangster assassinates all doubts

By DoItAgain
Written November 02, 2007
I was not sure how this movie would pan out. I am a mafia/gangster movie fan but I did not want to see a story of sex, murder and mayhem with no moral to the story. I was blown away. Denzel delivers an impeccable performance. The cast included veterans and new comers. I enjoyed the battle between good and evil, black and white, right and wrong. I think that the way in which Denzel used his seething eyes, and cold, pursed lips to portray such deep-seated pain, anger and frustration goes to show that great acting is not in big gestures and physical gyrations but it can be quiet, dark and strong. I was disappointed in T.I.'s performance but enjoyed watching Common on the big screen. It was also great to see Ruby Dee as the mother but wish she had a more dominant role. She was the object of his devotion but only once did she show her strength. Begging me to question where Frank got his from. Poverty in America gave birth to the American Gangster. A must see.
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By karensaucedo
Written January 08, 2009
Well acted and a powerful indication of what we're up against in this country with the drug culture....where the commody is sold with unique marketing ideas and pure ruthlessness....
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American Gangster

By kel904
Written November 15, 2007
I loved this film, it was long..but never did it loose my attention. I have a hard time watching Denzel Washington be a "bag guy", but he was outstanding. Russell Crowe hasn't been this good since 'A Beautiful Mind'. Definatley go and see it in the theatres..you will not be sorry!
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